Monday, October 26, 2015

In the Dirt

Oct 19-25th
 No Pday out here is ever the same. We had a super chill day which was nice to have a bit of a break. We got permission to go to the "mall" in Laughlin. It was so nice to actually go shopping but the mall was tiny! There was literally a store just for grandmas to shop at and it had bedazzled sweat suits and what not! I wish I would have taken a picture. I finally got a picture of the giant tortoise. The city is so proud of it.

Here's a thought: If you own a chihuahua you should not be able to have a "Beware of Dog" sign on your fence. Everyone has a dog here! And we'll be walking down the street and they will bark at us until they pass out.

One day while we were street contacting Sister Kaufusi and I were talking about how the sun dries us out and makes us look old. And then the very next guy we were talking to said "I thought missionaries were supposed to be young". Haha we are blending in with this town so well people think that we are older than we actually are! When we met with this kid, Hunter, Sister Kaufusi told him that she was 43 years old and asked him to guess my age... He said about 50. He was joking though- I think. I really do enjoy being in this town. It feels like I've adopted a bushel full of grandparents. One of my favorites is Brother Christen he's probably in his late 70s but I don't think he realizes his age cause he's a hoot and a half. He doesn't have hearing aids but he cups his hand around his ears and always has stories to tell. While talking with some other members he said "you know I like these sisters. This one has beautiful eyes (pointing to Sister Kaufusi) and this one has a beautiful smile (pointing to me)." The surgery paid off. He then continued by telling me that I have the harder job cause all Sister Kaufusi has to do is open her eyes but I have to put effort into my gift. Another favorite member of mine is Sister Fults. She does the meal calendar and she is a great cook. The other night she made us roast beef, mash potatoes, homemade bread which is like the best meal I could imagine! It reminded me of home. At night while we were getting ready for bed Sister Kaufusi was like, "sister Fults' friend kept eyeballing us... Looking and you, looking at me... I think she's never seen young girls eat so much!" Then I said, "that would explain why Sister Fults told us that we were going to be fat when we leave this ward." But I promise I will not come home fat.

Our investigators are doing great. One of our investigators with a smoking problem bought us doughnuts and told us that she payed for them with the money she would have normally used for cigarettes. So that was neat. While teaching Laura about the Ten Commandments and she said, "well isn't coveting your neighbors ass part of committing adultery?" Sister Kaufusi and I were like "well..." And then Laura couldn't keep a straight face any longer and we caught on to the joke. We were just a little slow that day! Haha The Bombino family is awesome I love them so much! Rhythm their son waits by the door for us to come and draws pictures for us. It's awesome. I can't wait for them to be baptized and see how they grow in the gospel cause they have so much potential.

We finally got to meet with an old guy, Bruce. He apologized for being rude (even though he wasn't that rude) and told us how he almost fought a guy the size of Paul Bunyan the other day. He cried in front of us and really opened up. He says he's not afraid of death, but I do think he might be afraid to see God. We started teaching him the plan of salvation.
Bruce asked us to come by on again on Saturday because some guy and his wife was going to come over. (It's sometimes hard to understand him but I guess his wife is friends with the lady but he doesn't really like her husband so we came over to "scare them off" cause I guess there had been some trouble in the past with them.) So like clockwork we came at 4 rang the door bell and Bruce said the guy wouldn't even step outside to introduce himself. I don't think Bruce's wife is very fond of us either so they went to the opposite side of the house while Bruce was laughing at the expressions on their face.He also agreed to listen to us again and we finished teaching him the plan of salvation, especially hitting on the atonement, eternal families and forgiveness. Bruce is constantly drunk but he wants to come to church so he said that he would come and sit in the back row and eventually make his way to the front. It is so powerful seeing someone's potential. No matter what their past is. God doesn't look at your past but your future and your divine nature. I hope Bruce will be
able to be baptized someday and hopefully that day will be soon cause he's pretty frail.

I'm still working on my Spanish and so far the lessons are going well. I'm trying to teach the basics to sister Kaufusi so she at least can kinda understand what we're saying. Haha I really thought being stateside and speaking English I would have a semi normal mission but not here! I get to learn a new language and have all foreign companions. It's a blast. I'm my homecoming talk I'll have to bare my testimony in Spanish or something.

Every week sister kaufusi and I make it our goal to ponderize (ponder/memorize) a scripture, and every week we forget to chose one. So finally we sat down and picked them. I wanted to do John 11:35 but sister Kaufusi told me I needed to chose a different one. So I randomly picked mine but I like it and it really applies to my life right now. It's Words of Mormon chapter 1 verse 8 and it reads:
"And my prayer to God is concerning my brethren, that they may once again come to the knowledge of God, yea, the redemption of Christ; that they may once again be a delightsome people." I think it's cool cause everyone I talk to, once knew about God and
the redemption of Christ and we're happy when we were all living with Gods as spirits before we came to earth. But now while in this earthy state we have to walk but faith and not by sight and some people don't know the fullness of the gospel of Christ. So I pray that my brethren (everyone I come in contact with) will be able to accept this knowledge of the restored gospel and again be a delightsome people by partaking of the gospel of Jesus Christ and following his example and eventually live with our Heavenly Father which will bring us eternal happiness.
The church is true. I love you!
Sister Gier

Go Hunter!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One Day You Will

Oct 12-18th

Monday was a hectic. Sorry the previous email was shorter than most.
I'll actually probably make them less detailed because there are more
and more things that happen which means less and less time to write.
I'll just to just cover more of the unique experiences. I feel like we
never have enough time to do everything we want to on Pday. We are
determined to take some cool pictures next week for Pday. Normally
missionaries in out of valley just hangout with themselves but this
week we got together with our district and had a blast playing
basketball. Sister Kaufusi is a beast and we are determined to play in
the mornings for work out time cause we live right across from the
chapel and let's be real, I need to practice.

Tuesday, was my 5 month mark!! Crazy how time is flying by!
We had zone training in Lake Havasu and we didn't realize how long it
takes to get down there so we were just a little late... Oops!
Afterwards, we had exchanges with the STLs. Sister Sandoval came to my
area and sister Kaufusi went to kingman for the day. It was so much
fun catching up with sister Sandoval on the way home. I admire sister
Sandoval so much and we had a miracle filled exchange.
The Bombino family really opened up to us and agreed to have us come
over everyday!! They are progressing well and are excited to be
baptized. But I know Satan is going to work hard to pull them away.

Wednesday, finished with exchanges. It was such a neat opportunity to
go on exchanges with sister Sandoval because it really reminded me of
how far I've come. And the same things that sister kaufusi and I go
through, sister Sandoval and I went through. Sister Sandoval is a
great example for me she is always positive and I can really trust her
now. We laughed all night.

Thursday, we had an amazing day. Our Zone leaders called us in the
morning and challenged us to use our iPads in a street contact and see
if it helps get their attention. It totally worked! One lady was super
closed off to us but now she wants to learn more and we are meeting
with her this week.
We taught Scott and Dawna and they are putting a lot of trust in us.
The last time sisters where here Scott almost got baptized. So we are
hopeful we can make a difference. They also made us scrabble magnets
for our refrigerator!
Thursday night we drove to LV and sang hymns the whole way up. We joke
that Sister Kaufusi was playing basketball and forgot to get in line
when they were passing out the singing talent in heaven. We spent the
night at the mission home which was so nice of President and sister

Friday, we rode to the temple with President, sister Snow and the
MSTLs. I love the temple it is always so wonderful and I learn so much
each time I go there. And it is always so beautiful!
We had weekly planning at the mission office and ate dinner at Panda
Express before going to Dijana's baptism in North Las Vegas.
We got there a early to help sister Lellis and her companion sister
Swindler set up. They had everything ready but 30 minutes before the
baptism was supposed to start they still couldn't reach the guy
who was in charge of filling up the baptismal font. Needless to say,
sister Lellis was freaking out so she started to try and fill up trash
cans!! Haha it didn't work. So we just started a little later than
usual. It was so great to see Dijana glowing with excitement and it
was nice being back up in North. I was asked to give the talk on
baptism. Dijana had to be baptized twice cause the first time her
knees were sticking up cause the water was so low. Sister Lellis and I
went into that little side area besides the font and we all hugged
each other. Sister Lellis and I were so filled with joy it was
indescribable. We started to tear up and it was one of those moments
when looking back at all the hard times it made everything worth it.
It is why I came on my mission.

Saturday we were busy busy busy! We had a lesson every hour of the
day! Our first two lessons were the restauracíon. Yes I had to teach a
lesson in Spanish. Sister Kaufusi doesn't know any Spanish and I have
only practiced here and there. Both lessons they people speak some
English but it brought a special spirit as I used the gift of tongues.
It was a neat experience.
All of our other lessons went great too. We've seen so many miracles.

Sunday, sister Kaufusi and I were asked on the spot to share our
testimonies since we are the new sisters in the ward. At the end of
speaking brother Bombino shouted "love you!" It was so funny. They are
the best family and I can't wait for them to be baptized. Rhythm,
their son, who is six told us that he wants to serve a mission and it
makes me so happy knowing that the work that I'm doing won't stop but
it will have eternal consequences.
Sunday evening was a desert monsoon so we had to wait it out inside
the church. The lightning was surreal. I love being in this area.

I feel like I'm leaving a bunch out cause it was a packed week but
that's the gist of it all.
Oh and everyone said "changing gears" here and it kinda throws me off.
The church is true. I love you!
Sister Gier

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Y'all

Oct 5-11th

Well, it was my first pday without any day sports.  I thought I was going to die but here I am, still alive!  We had to do our laundry at Sister Beatty's house because the washer and dryer in our apartment is not set up yet.  She was so kind to let us come over and use her home.  It rained for a couple of days which is nice because I LOVE the rain and have barely seen any since I been on my mission.  We have been trying to get organized and settled into this place.
This whole week we were blessed with some super spiritual lessons for our investigators.  And we really worked hard to find more people to teach. poor sister Kaufusi's heels were all torn up from walking so much!  We have been meeting with Scott and Dawna pretty regularly.  Dawna is an inactive member and Scott has been an investigator for years.  The last time sisters were in this area he was committed to be baptized but backed out.  However they are the nicest people ever.  And they love missionaries. We always go over and read part of the Book of Mormon and teach them.  An they always pull out the same mugs that missionaries have drank from for years and pour us cherry Kool-aid.
Since last week was general conference and this Sunday was stake conference we have not meet with the ward at all.  But the members who we have met are so sweet.
There was a family in the ward whose house burnt down and the bishop asked us if we would go visit them.  It was a large family and we asked them what they needed and what we could help them with. The first thing they asked for were scriptures!  They missed their scriptures.  We game them some Book of Mormons and a few Bibles.  The dad told us that most of the family were members except for one adopted son.  So, in the humble circumstances, we all gathered together and taught one of the most spiritual restoration lessons that I have ever been a part of.  We directed the lesson to the whole family but the non-member son was locked in and focused on every work and the spirit testified to him.  After the lesson, the father told us that it was his goal to become worthy again so he could baptize the some and some of the other children that are not 8 yet.  He told us that from his trial he is grateful that Heavenly Father gave him his wake up call so he can get his life back in order once again.  It is amazing to me how much I take for granted.  Jus think, if your house was burning to he ground and you had 2 minutes what would you take?  I know the scriptures are so vital.  They are the tangible evidence of your personal progression.  They go with you as you learn to study the teachings.  The Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are the Lord's words.  It is imperative that we study them every day, now more than ever.
The church is true.  I love you!
Sister Gier

Ran into Elder Glunt and Gonzales (we rode on the plane from the MTC to Vegas together)
Flashing the sign language "G"

 Bullhead City, AZ

 Hunter (an investigator) with Sister Kaufusi and Gier

Must be a Tongan thing....

Brand New Start

Sept 28th- Oct 4

The last day of the transfer is always weird.  For starters, it was the first time since I've been here that we did not play volleyball!!!  We played basketball instead which is fun because I played well, bet let's be honest, the elders can still dribble circles around me.  Everyone signed each others transfer journals and I talked to elder Simpson who used to be the district leader a few transfers back for my area.   He was giving me some advice, which was super helpful.  By the way, I love the skirt!  When I first pulled it out I thought it was pj pants because it was such a comfy material, but to my surprise it was a skirt.  Thanks mom, you're the best!!!
Tuesday, we scrambled around as we biked, street contacted, tried potential and as I packed and tried to get the area organized and ready to go for when I leave.  I think sister Lellis has a hard time dealing with stress and change because there were some flashbacks to the beginning of the transfer....We had dinner with brother Haining (our new ward mission leader), Nick Dijana and Brady.  They are always so funny.  I am going to miss them a tom!  I shared the scripture Helaman 5:12 for the spiritual thought because it was my favorite scripture and the scripture dad showed me before I was baptized.
"And now my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his might winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his might storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."
Afterwards, we had a lesson with Dijana about temples and eternal families.  Like always, when we talk about temples there was a special spirit in the room.  When we were saying our goodbyes, Dijana told me how thankful she was to have me us and how she would have never guessed that she would be here.  It was a tender moment when I realized that through all of my troublesome days, I am truly doing the work of the Lord and there are eternal destinies in my path that I have an influence on.  I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have met Dijana and to have this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father and bring souls back to Him.  I am grateful also for Nick and Brady and their desire and diligence in helping with the work.
Wednesday we picked up our new missionaries.  I have the only foreigner out of the entire bunch.  Sister Kaufusi is from Tonga and she is a blessing.  She is driven and hard working and loves to learn.  She is so humble and I know that we are going to do some incredible work together.  There has not been sister missionaries in the new area for almost two years and it is special that we were chosen to serve in Bullhead City, AZ.
Thursday began with the road trip to Bullhead.  We stayed with the RS president that evening because the electricity was not turned on in our apartment.  On the way down we stopped in a little town and ate at McD's where we ran into tow sets of members who were so surprised to see missionaries in Searchlight.  We met with the bishop's family and had dinner with them.  His children were in the driveway waiting to greet us.  Everyone is excited to have sister missionaries here.  Sister Kaufusi gave the spiritual thought for dinner.  We with the RS president, Sister Beatty,  to drop a few things off at our apartment.  The whole ward worked to ready  our apartment for us.  My heart is so full.  I can not wait to start serving in this area.  Sister Beatty is an angel!!  She has helped us so much.
Friday morning began with district counsel meeting and it was very inspirational.  We later met with a girl named Olivia, whois 8 and was recently baptized.  Her mom is less active but wants her kids to be in the church.  It is seriously so much fun being in a family ward and teaching children.  We had dinner with the Swansons.  They joined the church recently and are amazing.  Sister Beatty is so nice, she brought us milk and food to fill our fridge.  When sister Kaufusi looked outside the window of our apartment, she said, "it looks like a third world county, and I am from TONGA!!"  Ha ha, there are a lot of trailer parks.
Saturday we woke early to help an older lady set up for a garage sale.  The money raised was going to a lady in the ward who had cancer.  One man came by and both a few things so the elderly sister said, "come back now"...then under her breath I heard her mumble to a friend "and take me out to dinner".
Conference was amazing.  We watched it at the ward building which is literally right across the street from our apartment.  We saw many miracles as we prayed to know which doors to knock on an what streets to drive down to find all the people God has given us to help find.  We had dinner with Sister Fults who is an old Italian lady.  She happens to be in charge of the dinner calendar.  She is so cute and made us Italian sausage sandwiches with tomato sauce and gives cookies and grapes for the road.  I have a feeling we will be given a lot of cookies in this town.
I am happy to be here in Bullhead City, AZ.  It is an adjustment but I know the Lord has selected this place for sister Kaufusi and me.
The Church is true.  I love you
Sister Gier