Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy Ending

Oct 10-16th 

Monday, we played touch football as a district. It was super fun! I scored the 2 touch downs for my team. I'm just prepping for Cool Runnings! 

Last week Adam, our ward mission leader, told me he had been talking to Sister Sandoval a lot over Skype and stuff. So much so that he was going to fly to Alaska to visit her for a week! Then on Monday he showed me the ring because he was going to propose to her!! How crazy is that! I am so excited for them! I hope she sends me pictures and I hope she said yes because they would be great together! 

 Later we had a lesson with two girls who had majored in Biblical studies and philosophy. Ha. Talk about an interesting lesson. We were teaching them about the pre-earth life and how we lived with God. They had a hard time understanding the concept because that's not the teachings by which they were raised. I know we lived with God before this earthly life, as spirits. We knew of Gods prefect plan for us and we chose to follow it. To me this gives me so much comfort knowing that I chose to come here. I chose to follow Gods plan. I chose Christ to be my Savior. I know we are the only church who claims to this doctrine but I know it's true. 

Tuesday, we had district council and it was Sister Colon's last day because she has been really sick and she had to go home. So at 4am when the STLs picked up sister Colon to take her to the airport, Sister Aukema came strolling into our apartment and crashed on our couch. She is staying with us until transfers. 3 sisters using one bathroom is quite interesting. But sister Aukema is really funny so it's been great having her here. She's from Florida (knows where cape san blas is) and has a huge southern accent. She was going to BYU before her mission, living in Heritage, and was in the same ward as Lauren Pitts and Gretchen Christensen. Small world! We were talking about our families. She showed me pictures of her brother and was telling me all about how he: knows 4 languages, and writes his own music, and is really smart, and likes to travel, etc. Then she said "Just know, I don't usually show off my brother like this. I'm telling you all this because I think you're cool and he really needs to get married..." hahaha 
Oh random thought: Kayla is a popular name for a black girl. I have meet so many people here with that name! 

We ate dinner at home Tuesday night which worked out nicely because we smelt like smoke and I needed to shower. I didn't have enough time to try my hair before institute so on our way there I rolled down the windows and stuck my head outside while I was driving. It worked out nicely! And gave me plenty of volume! Haha

Wednesday, we met with Jamaree. He is progressing slowly. Most of the time when I think of analogies I think about what would make sense to the investigator, individually. But the anologies that I use for Jamaree are ones that make sense to me. It's cool because I just have to think about how I learned the principles and what makes sense to me. However, for every two steps forward he takes one step back. It's frustrating but I see a lot of potential in him but he just needs more time to prepare.
Wednesday's are some of my favorite days because Roberto's Tacos are a dollar and I can eat so many of them! 

Thursday, we had a member pick up Javier and a member meet us at the chapel for a church tour. It went so well! We first walked around the class rooms showing him where he would go on Sunday. At one point in the tour he saw a picture of the temple and we told him how he could someday go there. The spirit was strong and his face lit up. We finished by teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ and and sacrament in the  chapel. The members were perfect fellowship for him and the spirit was so strong it felt heavy. At the end we committed him to be baptized. 

Saturday, we were teaching Roberto about church. He asked if our pastor was going to be there. We told him that we don't call them "pastors" we call them "bishops". Turns out if you say "bishop" with a Hispanic accent it sounds like a bad word. Haha make sure you pronounce words clearly! 
Now for some other news that I was not expecting: transferred happened! And when I say transfers happened that means I am getting transferred. I'm super sad to be leaving this area. I thought for sure I would stay here until the end. But no, I have to lug around my stuff across the valley and get to know 2 wards of members. God must need me somewhere else! For as sad as I am that I'm going, I have never felt so calm about transfers. I'm going to be in the Warm Springs stake which is the stake that the mission office is in and one of the zones where I was an STL. My area borders the airport so I think president is just going to have me walk to the airport when I leave. Haha My companion has been out for 6 weeks so I will be finishing training her. I'm excited! She seems cool. It's going to help me stay super focused and not think about home. 
I did have a a little freak out moment Saturday night because I realized how fast time flies. Because I'm leaving on the 23rd and will be missing my departing testimony meeting and dinner, president asked me to come this Tuesday to the testimony meeting and dinner. It's going to be a crazy day because that's they day we transfer and I will barely get to see my companion for an hour! Thankfully I have everything for home figured out so I can stay super focused my last few weeks. So I apologize in advance if my emails get shorter or I don't iMessage as much on Pday. I just got to kick it in Gier!

People have told me that you either have a really great area and a bad companion, or a really great companion and a bad area- it's rare that you get blessed with both a good companion and a good area. 
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE this area? I could talk for days about how incredible it is! This area is amazing!!! There are people to talk to everywhere. We are constantly finding new people to teach. The members are really supportive. This is a great area! 

Sunday we had stake conference. Elder Cornish of the seventy spoke about keeping the sabbath day holy. He did a great job of seeming personable and having a good sense of humor along with it. 
After church the Spanish elders drop sister Aukema and a member off at our apartment so she could get to her car. However she called us right as we were going into an appointment telling us that she left her keys in our apartment. We rushed home right after the lesson, opened the door and on the desk there was nothing. We tore up the apartment looking for her keys but we had to leave because we were late for another lesson. We thought maybe she dropped the keys the night before as we were walking from her apartment to our apartment. We later got a text informing us that her keys to her car and apartment were left in the door of her apartment from the night before when we went over there to get her things. What a miracle they weren't stolen and someone didn't drive off with the car!! We don't live in the "Gaillardia" of Las Vegas, to say the least, and it was truly a blessing everything was safe and sound! 
Our last dinner in the area was with the Ramirez family. It's neat because they were the family that I had dinner with the second night in the field! They made some special soup that I love! It is a blessing I was not called Spanish speaking because I would be muy muy gorda if that was the case! Haha

Things are all good in the hood. 

Quote from sister Aukema: "It's stuck like a hair in a biscuit!" 

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