Monday, July 25, 2016

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

I was spectacular at PDAY sports again. What's new??
Tuesday I witnessed some lady back into someone else's car. But as
missionaries we talk o everyone so I street contacted her and she said
we could come back. Probably out of guilt. Afterwards we were like we
should have told her "you can be forgiven of all your sins... Even the
one you just committed" hahah
Ryan came home from scout camp and a trip to Idaho so we were excited
to see him again.
Sorry this email is so scattered.
I made sister Koyle climb through the car window.
We had to correct a sister on her modesty again. It is so hard
correcting people because I know I'm not perfect but we have to do it
and it broke our heart. Because this sister has gained a lot of weight
on her mission so things don't fit right any more. Not easy.
Thursday I wore a new dress that sister Koyle hated but everyone else
complimented me on. I'm kinda indifferent about it but it was funny
how everyone brought it up and pointed it out. For example we ate
lunch at Tropical Smoothie and I got a smoothie and a half sandwich
but the guy only charged me for the smoothie and gave me a whole
sandwich!! How awesome!!
A member of the ward added me on Facebook when they found out I was
leaving. He also looked up sister Koyle and her profile pic is a
selfie of her holding a Book of Mormon and making a kissing face. Haha
he teased her about it he whole dinner! "Book of Mormon Kissy Face"
Saturday morning we were in the Pioneer Day parade and it was really
fun! I got to see some of my old members!
Then on Saturday we found out I was being transferred. I cried... A
lot. It was a really hard weekend for me. So much so that sister Koyle
and I sat in silence until I drove over a curb and she said "you have
a lot on your mind?" And I said "ya think?" haha
Now for miracles! Monday we knocked on this guys door who was not
interested. Bummer. Then we asked if he knew anyone who may need this
message and he sent us to his neighbor across the street who's wife
recently passed away. You know those typical mission stories where
that happens and he gets baptized? I'm pretty sure he is getting
baptized. He read part of the Book of Mormon. We asked if he wanted to
be baptized and he said that he would have to come to church before
that! How exciting!
Sunday we spoke in sacrament meeting with Axel and Adrianna. There was
not a dry eye in the place. The spirit was so strong. The Hall family
brought some non member  friends and said that they wanted to come
back. Ryan and the Rivas kids took the news of me leaving really hard.
They cried all weekend and said they keep listening to Stay by
Rhianna. It's a hard goodbye.
Sunday evening we picked up Adrianna to come to a lesson for the Hall
family. Before she came out Axel ran outside and handed me a letter
with tear filled eyes. It was such a heart felt letter expressing his
thanks for helping him and his family. It's all worth it.
In the Halls lesson Derrick, the dad, randomly admitted that he prayed
and wants to be baptized Aug 30th. This took sister Koyle and I back!
He was the furthest away from wanting it and now he is going to be
baptized first! Angel, the mom, said that it's hard for her to set a
date because she doesn't want to leave her oldest daughter out. While
in the discussion Adrianna bore her testimony and told them that it is
hard for them to leave their dad at home because but they have been
fasting and he has been sober for a week now!!! It is a miracle.
Sunday felt like it was an award show and a glimpse of the work I have
done. It's all worth it. No matter what happens next transfer its all
worth it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


July 11th-17th 

Pday sports were in Anthem this week which are a little less exciting
but the zone leaders came and I challenged Elder Angele to a game of
Horse. The loser had to by the winner an ice cream cone... I won. It
was fun we made some crazy shots!

Tuesday sister Koyle and I went to the temple because it's going to be
closed for cleaning for a while. It was great! I always love the
temple. The bishops wife took us and in the way she was asking us for
parenting advice because her daughter is in her terrible teens stage.
Thanks for raising me right...or maybe I was just a good kid.

A recent convert, from before we came to the area, invited us to come
to a bar called the Blue Martini so she wouldn't be the only one not
drinking. Nice. Check that off the missionary bucket list!

We had an FHE with a part member family, the Prices. The dad and
oldest son aren't members. After the spiritual thought we played a
basketball game. Let me tell you, the years of playing basketball when
I was younger have blessed me for this moment in time. I played really
well and now they think the sister missionaries are cool and are so
much more open!! Blessing from being athletic!!

This weekend we had a mini missionary from one of the elder's wards
with us. She was so fun! Saturday morning we were going to have a
sisters breakfast for the sisters in the zone and make crepes. We went
to the store because we had forgotten some ingredients and the mini
took a video of sister Koyle and I riding on longboards. I miss long
boarding. Too bad it will be too chilly when I get back!

Ryan was gone this week for scout camp and for a family's wedding
reception. He really missed us. When we were talking to his mom she
said that she was going to write a letter to president so sister Koyle
and I can stay together. I have a feeling I'm getting transferred and
going back to the city. There aren't many places I haven't served. If
I go there I'll be working with Elder Jones who was my first district
leader and Elder Gonzalez who was in the MTC with me. We saw them
today and they said they are going to get the APs on board.

We are teaching a family from Cebu! We may need Nate to translate.
Stay in tuned with how their conversion goes!

The new Pokemon Go game is changing missionary work! Most of the time
people don't come out of their houses in the summer because it is so
hot. But now there are people and families everywhere!!! It's a
miracle! I'm going to try and get president to let me down load it to
my iPad! Haha it's a great conversation started!

On of the new investigators we found was sitting on her porch smoking
when we walked up. She had talked to missionaries before but has never
been religious. We talked for a while and then she said "I have a
question. I've asked all the missionaries and no one has been able to
answer it." Sister Koyle and I swallowed hard! And she asked "if
Christ has atoned for our sins which do people still judge and
persecute the sinners. For example people judge me for having
tattoos." It was a more complicated question but that was the gist of
it. I can testify to you that the power of the Holy Ghost is real and
it gives you the words to say. Afterwards sister Koyle told me she
didn't know how she was going to answer it so she was glad I did.
Immediately my mouth was filled with what she needed to hear to have a
better understanding of the atonement and of agency. I testified that
Christ truly did atone for each one of us and we can be forgiven of
our sins and mistakes. But people are not perfect. We judge others and
that is a weakness and a sin. Just as much as having a tattoo. We are
here to become better to change daily and to become more like our
Savior. We can't judge each other to cover up our own short comings.
This life isn't a race where the first five get to heaven but it's a
team event where we are helping each other get back to our Father in
Heaven. She felt the spirit with this answer and said that she had
never thought of it like that but she was grateful someone could
finally answer her soul searching question.

The church is true.
Love you!
Sister Gier

PS we declined the invitation to go to the Blue Martini!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

American Daydream

July 4th-10th

This week started off strong with the 4th of July. We played Chinese
dodgeball and basketball during pday. With the Warm Springs stake and
we usual don't play with them so they were surprised when I hit my
first 3 then they kept passing me the ball.
In the evening we went to the ward party and met some new
investigators. Had hamburgers, watermelon, sang the national anthem
and played water balloon volleyball. It was great those ward members
really seem to like us. Afterwards we went to a family's house in the
other ward to watch fireworks and get to know their neighbors. When we
showed up everyone was so excited to see us we felt like celebrities.
On the drive home we got to see the whole valley lit up with little
puffs of fireworks. It was neat. I tried to get a video but it was
pretty hard.

We visited our investigator Richard who was supposed to get baptized
this weekend. It was sad seeing him. Shocking actually. We had no clue
his health had degraded so quickly. He had stage four cancer and I've
never seen someone so frail. Every time he took a breath we thought it
was his last. When we walked in the room his old navy friend (who is a
member) was there and he said "there are now angels in the room". He
was meaning us, but it wasn't us. Sister Koyle said the pray and it
was completely lead by the spirit. It was such an incredible feeling
but so sad to see someone so close to the veil.

This week I felt like we had a hand full of "life lessons". Those
lessons you learn that you can only learn from your mission and you're
glad you have the knowledge and experience of how to deal with them.
Sister Koyle and I had a good talk about how to handle things after
her mission. I'm glad she is my companion and we can learn from each
other. We also had to convince one of our Priest (Ryan) that he should
go to scout camp. His mom knows we have a big influence on him.
Sometimes is feels like Ryan is one of our investigators. Sonia wants
to maybe move up her baptismal date! We are meeting with her tonight
to talk about it.

I love it out here. We have two more weeks of his transfer and I don't
think president will keep sister Koyle and I together. We have to
enjoy it while it lasts!
Funny story of the week we were walking around Inspirada when this
guys comes out of his house and says "hey, how's it going? Did you
guys just get back from the pool?" Then we said "Nooo... We are the
sister missionaries in the area"
Then he said "oh, sorry I don't have my glasses on, I thought you were
wearing towels..."
Then he proceeded to get into his car while sister Koyle said "and
you're going to drive like that?!" Hahahaha

Anyway, life is good. Hope Natalie has a great birthday!! And I hope
her knee heals.
Love ya!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Walker

June 27- July 3

Monday we went to the mall with Adrianna, Axel and Ryan. I was like
all the people there have never seen sister missionaries before. I
kinda feel like I'm famous with this name tag on. I know I have middle
child syndrome of expecting attention so when I get home I bet it's
going to be really bad because I will no longer have everyone watching
me and someone else will have the attention.

We went on a lot of exchanges this week again. On one exchange we
didn't have any appointments in the evening so we walked and tried
some people and talked a lot. By the end of the night we had lost our
voices! The sister had been out for 4 transfers and it was neat
reflecting on everything I have learned thus far on my mission and
make a vision of who I want to become by the end of it. We had our
comp and personal study outside which was different but it brought a
special spirit and we discussed gospel topics. Again on these
exchanges I was reminded of the impact and influence I (as well as
others) have on individuals. Sometimes I feel like I do things with no
show of any sort of result but recently I've been able to see how I
can bless other people's lives and how no effort is wasted. You may
not see it until the life to come.
We also had Zone Conference. Nothing new and exciting there. I feel
like they just read from Preach My Gospel. My favorite part was when
president called me and another elder up to read our call letters at
the same time. The parts overlapped perfectly and it was so cool how
our voices echoed as we spoke. Definitely the most spiritual part. It
inspired sister Koyle and me to sing Called to Serve to the tune of
Come Thou Fount. The video I'll send is a rough version but we are
hoping to get the elders part and has sister snow play the piano in
the background.

Our investigators are doing well.  Sonia (Axel and Adrianna's mom) is
still progressing toward her baptismal date and we are excited for
her! In all honesty she could be baptized this week but because of
Adrianna's aerobic gymnastics competitions she wants to make sure she
has plenty of time before her baptism to really enjoy it and not feel
stressed. Yes, Adrianna does aerobic gymnastics. It's an Olympic sport
so maybe someday she'll go to the olympics!

The Hall family got back in town and we had a great FHE with them this
week. Their oldest daughter sat in which is always a miracle because
she has no desire to convert but enjoys the FHEs. Angel Hall (the mom)
has been really happy lately and I think it's because she is feeling
the spirit more and more as her baptismal date comes closer. The
families favorite game to play for the activity is the game we used to
always play in the hot tub. Glad I could bring some Oklahoma
traditions to the Wild Wild West. Haha

I don't remember if I told you about Richard last week but he is the
guy whose health is rapidly declining and suddenly now wants to be
baptized. Anyway he went to the hostilely this weekend to check and
make sure everything is okay with him. He should be out by Tuesday and
hopefully this upcoming weekend he can be baptized. However this won't
be a normal baptism. No. We are going to baptize him in the bishop's
pool! We have to do it in the middle of the day when it's hot outside
because if we baptized him in the church his body would have a hard
time adjusting to the warm water and the air temperature. This will
definitely be a baptism worth remembering! We fasted that he would
live to be able to be baptized. Some members are like "it's okay if he
can't be baptized now, we'll get him on the other side" but sister
Koyle and disagree there is something special about physically being
there that makes covenants special.

Here's another miracle. IT RAINED. hard. I was praying for it all last
week. I even asked other missionaries and members to pray for it. They
thought I was joking but they did it anyway and let me tell you, GOD
LISTENS TO OUR PRAYERS. No matter how crazy they may seem God will
bless us if it is his will. I'll send the video of the rain.

Also Joseph W. Sitati of the Seventy came to the ward I was in on
Sunday! (Splitting up wards is hard and you never know if you get the
short end of the stick when it comes to sacrament meeting and lessons.
But this Sunday I was blessed). Him and his family were traveling
through from Africa to California to Las Vegas and onto Salt Lake. I
got to meet him and his family which was neat. Since it was fast and
testimony meeting we got to hear his genuine but powerful testimony.
Such a treat.

So that's about it. I am PUMPED FOR THE FOURTH IF JULY!!! I can't
believe is this my 3rd year of missing the 4th in Oklahoma. How can
that be?! Keep the traditions flowing because I expect big things when
I get back!!