Tuesday, July 12, 2016

American Daydream

July 4th-10th

This week started off strong with the 4th of July. We played Chinese
dodgeball and basketball during pday. With the Warm Springs stake and
we usual don't play with them so they were surprised when I hit my
first 3 then they kept passing me the ball.
In the evening we went to the ward party and met some new
investigators. Had hamburgers, watermelon, sang the national anthem
and played water balloon volleyball. It was great those ward members
really seem to like us. Afterwards we went to a family's house in the
other ward to watch fireworks and get to know their neighbors. When we
showed up everyone was so excited to see us we felt like celebrities.
On the drive home we got to see the whole valley lit up with little
puffs of fireworks. It was neat. I tried to get a video but it was
pretty hard.

We visited our investigator Richard who was supposed to get baptized
this weekend. It was sad seeing him. Shocking actually. We had no clue
his health had degraded so quickly. He had stage four cancer and I've
never seen someone so frail. Every time he took a breath we thought it
was his last. When we walked in the room his old navy friend (who is a
member) was there and he said "there are now angels in the room". He
was meaning us, but it wasn't us. Sister Koyle said the pray and it
was completely lead by the spirit. It was such an incredible feeling
but so sad to see someone so close to the veil.

This week I felt like we had a hand full of "life lessons". Those
lessons you learn that you can only learn from your mission and you're
glad you have the knowledge and experience of how to deal with them.
Sister Koyle and I had a good talk about how to handle things after
her mission. I'm glad she is my companion and we can learn from each
other. We also had to convince one of our Priest (Ryan) that he should
go to scout camp. His mom knows we have a big influence on him.
Sometimes is feels like Ryan is one of our investigators. Sonia wants
to maybe move up her baptismal date! We are meeting with her tonight
to talk about it.

I love it out here. We have two more weeks of his transfer and I don't
think president will keep sister Koyle and I together. We have to
enjoy it while it lasts!
Funny story of the week we were walking around Inspirada when this
guys comes out of his house and says "hey, how's it going? Did you
guys just get back from the pool?" Then we said "Nooo... We are the
sister missionaries in the area"
Then he said "oh, sorry I don't have my glasses on, I thought you were
wearing towels..."
Then he proceeded to get into his car while sister Koyle said "and
you're going to drive like that?!" Hahahaha

Anyway, life is good. Hope Natalie has a great birthday!! And I hope
her knee heals.
Love ya!

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