Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Walker

June 27- July 3

Monday we went to the mall with Adrianna, Axel and Ryan. I was like
all the people there have never seen sister missionaries before. I
kinda feel like I'm famous with this name tag on. I know I have middle
child syndrome of expecting attention so when I get home I bet it's
going to be really bad because I will no longer have everyone watching
me and someone else will have the attention.

We went on a lot of exchanges this week again. On one exchange we
didn't have any appointments in the evening so we walked and tried
some people and talked a lot. By the end of the night we had lost our
voices! The sister had been out for 4 transfers and it was neat
reflecting on everything I have learned thus far on my mission and
make a vision of who I want to become by the end of it. We had our
comp and personal study outside which was different but it brought a
special spirit and we discussed gospel topics. Again on these
exchanges I was reminded of the impact and influence I (as well as
others) have on individuals. Sometimes I feel like I do things with no
show of any sort of result but recently I've been able to see how I
can bless other people's lives and how no effort is wasted. You may
not see it until the life to come.
We also had Zone Conference. Nothing new and exciting there. I feel
like they just read from Preach My Gospel. My favorite part was when
president called me and another elder up to read our call letters at
the same time. The parts overlapped perfectly and it was so cool how
our voices echoed as we spoke. Definitely the most spiritual part. It
inspired sister Koyle and me to sing Called to Serve to the tune of
Come Thou Fount. The video I'll send is a rough version but we are
hoping to get the elders part and has sister snow play the piano in
the background.

Our investigators are doing well.  Sonia (Axel and Adrianna's mom) is
still progressing toward her baptismal date and we are excited for
her! In all honesty she could be baptized this week but because of
Adrianna's aerobic gymnastics competitions she wants to make sure she
has plenty of time before her baptism to really enjoy it and not feel
stressed. Yes, Adrianna does aerobic gymnastics. It's an Olympic sport
so maybe someday she'll go to the olympics!

The Hall family got back in town and we had a great FHE with them this
week. Their oldest daughter sat in which is always a miracle because
she has no desire to convert but enjoys the FHEs. Angel Hall (the mom)
has been really happy lately and I think it's because she is feeling
the spirit more and more as her baptismal date comes closer. The
families favorite game to play for the activity is the game we used to
always play in the hot tub. Glad I could bring some Oklahoma
traditions to the Wild Wild West. Haha

I don't remember if I told you about Richard last week but he is the
guy whose health is rapidly declining and suddenly now wants to be
baptized. Anyway he went to the hostilely this weekend to check and
make sure everything is okay with him. He should be out by Tuesday and
hopefully this upcoming weekend he can be baptized. However this won't
be a normal baptism. No. We are going to baptize him in the bishop's
pool! We have to do it in the middle of the day when it's hot outside
because if we baptized him in the church his body would have a hard
time adjusting to the warm water and the air temperature. This will
definitely be a baptism worth remembering! We fasted that he would
live to be able to be baptized. Some members are like "it's okay if he
can't be baptized now, we'll get him on the other side" but sister
Koyle and disagree there is something special about physically being
there that makes covenants special.

Here's another miracle. IT RAINED. hard. I was praying for it all last
week. I even asked other missionaries and members to pray for it. They
thought I was joking but they did it anyway and let me tell you, GOD
LISTENS TO OUR PRAYERS. No matter how crazy they may seem God will
bless us if it is his will. I'll send the video of the rain.

Also Joseph W. Sitati of the Seventy came to the ward I was in on
Sunday! (Splitting up wards is hard and you never know if you get the
short end of the stick when it comes to sacrament meeting and lessons.
But this Sunday I was blessed). Him and his family were traveling
through from Africa to California to Las Vegas and onto Salt Lake. I
got to meet him and his family which was neat. Since it was fast and
testimony meeting we got to hear his genuine but powerful testimony.
Such a treat.

So that's about it. I am PUMPED FOR THE FOURTH IF JULY!!! I can't
believe is this my 3rd year of missing the 4th in Oklahoma. How can
that be?! Keep the traditions flowing because I expect big things when
I get back!!

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