Wednesday, June 29, 2016


June 20-26

Sorry last week's letter was so short. I don't know if this one will
be much better.
We were on exchanges for most of the week I only slept in my bed
twice. Weeks with a lot of exchanges are hard because they seem like
I'm never in my area and I can never keep track of the days.
We first went on exchanges with the MSTLs. I was with sister Erickson
in their area. It was neat because just 5 months ago we went on
exchanges when I was her STL. As we talked she expressed the impact I
had made on her mission. I needed to hear that. Sometimes missionaries
hate Sister Training Leaders because we are part of a cult or
something, but it was nice knowing that my efforts aren't wasted.
Actually all three of the sisters I went on exchanges with, I have
been their STL previously which is rare but I've been in leadership
for a while. I think hey may take me out next transfer but I'm not
sure. What ever happens, happens. It's all in the Lords hands.
I was rarely with sister Koyle this week because of all of the
exchanges but she got sick for a part of the week. The doctors have no
clue what is wrong but she had a pain in her chest and only one side
of her throat swelled up and she had a rash on her neck. I think she
may be evolving into a lizard but she didn't think so. Haha
Needless to say it was an off week. But most of our investigators are
back in town so we are pumped!!
We are trying to work with youth and inspire them to do missionary
work. There are only two Priest in one Ward and none in the other. And
we baptized one of the priest, Axel. They come out to do missionary
work a lot. Ryan is like our best friend. Literally though! It makes
me glad there were so many good youth in the stake and in our Ward
because out here there is a lot in the other wards but they aren't the
best example. So it's good that he has two examples of how girls
should act. His mom is really grateful for it too. She texted us
telling us how much it meant to her and it was so nice!
We are excited for the Fourth of July! So thanks for the package!I
Love you!
Sister Gier
Sorry the email is short again.

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