Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'm On Fire

June 6- 12

I'm losing track of the days here! I have no clue what day it is anymore.
I don't remember a whole lot from this week because Thursday night I
got sick but I worked through it until Sunday when it progressively
got worse and we went outside for sacrament meeting and to pick up
dinner. Sister Koyle thinks I have a fever. I think so too. Sunday
after dinner we watched all the missionary movies. I had a bag a
frozen mixed veggies on my stomach and neck and I'm pretty sure they
were fully steamed when I was done with them. Haha sister Koyle thinks
the "Sick Sister Gier" is funny because I say whatever without really
thinking straight.

Now for the good parts of this week. For district council our district
leader "rent his coat" and we all wrote what we were fighting for or
in other words why we are on our missions. As I was typing this out
the spirit lead me to Read Alma 46:12-13 about the Title of Liberty.
In my head it sounds like Captain Moroni went to a tux shop, rented a
coat, tore it, and used it as a flag... Classy. I love reading the
scriptures. Haha

One night after planning Sister Koyle wanted to plan her wedding. Just
in case someone proposed to her the day she gets home or something. She
doesn't have a guy waiting for her but boy is she prepared! Now if you
look at the picture of our white board my wedding is on the left and
her's is one the right. I was scrapping my head to come up with
something to put on the board while she was trying not to overtake my
side of the whiteboard! She is great! Haha (don't take my side
seriously... I need Pinterest to help plan it)

June 13-20
Last pday we played pool again. And PDAY sports were fun but all of
the cool people are getting transferred so we will have to come up
with different plans of teach people how to be athletic.
Since sister Koyle and I didn't get transferred we went to Kneaders on
Tuesday and ate French toast while we had morning studies. Man I love
that stuff. For dinner we ate with a family who's dad is a chef at one
of the Casinos on the Strip. But he "doesn't cook for famous people...
Only Pitbull, Brittany Spears and Usher... But he doesn't like them so
that doesn't count." Haha it was so good!! And the family is
Then on Wednesday night our waiter used to be a backup dancer for
Madonna. It was cool because when we left he asked the members how old
we were and who we were because he thought we were so polite and well
dressed. Glad I showered that day!
I don't have a lot of time to email. It's been an off Pday. A lot of
our investigators were out of town this week. So we just found more!!
We saw lots of miracles.
I emailed president about the departure date and we will see what he says.

I'll write more next week!!

Love you!!

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