Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rollin On

May 23rd-29th 

This week was LONG. It seemed like it would never end, but it ended on
an incredible note. I think it all started with a lame Pday. For
whatever reason it wasn't fun playing volleyball and the other sisters
in the stake didn't want to play basketball. But on the bright side, I went
 shopping at Downeast! I may need
to get transferred just to save my bank account. I'm planning on
sending the clothes home that I bought because I don't want to get
tiered of them... Or I might just keep them in my suitcase and hide
them away until I get home. (T-minus 6 months). Either way I'm
justifying it because they were 1) cute 2) on sale 3) I haven't gone
shopping in awhile so it better for me to buy what I want than for you
to buy something that I don't like as much and have to take it back.
There. It's justified!

Tuesday we had to exchange cars across town because the car we were
driving had a dent in it when we got to the area. We met the vehicle
coordinator there and on the way back our car monitor wasn't working
so it kept yelling at us which is the worst when the vehicle
coordinator is in the car! Afterwards we went to the Cheese Cake
Factory with one of sister Koyle's old ward mission leaders (who I
also knew from my last area). He was so nice to take us out for lunch
and it was great talking with him.

Wednesday we met with the district leaders in the morning and our
investigators passed their interview!

Thursday we had Zone Training Council. I gave a training on teaching
the doctrine. I got really high scores. Even the sister that hated me
gave me a higher score than the other missionaries. Afterwards we ate at
Cici's (I love the cinnamon rolls) and went on exchanges. I was with
sister Greene. I've been her STL for the past 3 transfers (her whole
mission) she's probably ti
red of me by now. But we saw lots of

miracles. The last guy we had talked to seemed really interested and
opened. He believed that God would call a prophet today and that
families are eternal and was excited to read the Book of Mormon. Right
as we were about to set up a time to come back, two rowdy drunk guys
came up and started talking to him. They were the devil! But he still
wants to meet no matter the distractions.

Friday morning we went into the doctor to get sister Koyle's ingrown
toe nail cut out. She acted like she was getting her toe chopped off!
That poor Doctor! Haha. I took a really funny video of her crying when
they gave her a shot to numb her toe. I feel bad for her but then she
fought me because I wouldn't let her go out of the house with out
shoes on!! Haha she's crazy funny!!

Saturday we had a baptism. It was a brother and sister Axel and
Adrianna. We have only been teaching them for 3 weeks and they got
baptized! They are so elect! Their friends gave the talks and baptism
it was the most spiritual baptism I have ever been apart of! When
Adrianna got out of the water she came up gave us the biggest hug
soaking wet and started crying as she said "I've never been so happy.
You changed my life. Thank you so much". That made me cry. And I never
cry! Two of her friends want to be baptized now and the Zone Leaders
investigators asked "when can we be baptized?" It was wonderful.
Zach's cousin Miko gave the talk on baptism and did a great job! There
are so many Cox people here!! Later that night Adrianna texted us
again and said "I love you Gus so much!! Thank you for being there for
my brother and I and for helping us change our lives completely!! It
really means a lot to our family!!"
I was a wonderful ending to a long week!

P.S. I might have told you but we see bunnies all the time. But this
week we saw baby bunnies which were smaller than some chocolate
bunnies that I've eaten!

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