Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Breathe in Breath out

Week ending May 22nd

This week I felt like the BOMB SQUAD.  Not because we are the bomb.com(well we are that too) but we had to put out fires left and right all week.
On day we went to both stakes day sports.  The zone is made up of two stakes and we are segregated but zone leadership can go to both stakes.  After sports we dropped off the elders and went and had a snow cone.  It has been a WHOLE YEAR since I had a snow cone.  It was magical.  We also see bunnies all the time so we took a photo of us sharing the Book of Mormon with one!

I am not going to go into all the details of the drama and fires we dealt with but there was plenty!

Sunday night we had FHE with one of our families who is investigating and they all took part in the discussion.  Even the teenager who hates the missionary discussions.  We had brownies and watched a mormon message and they picked out songs.. We were in charge of the game so we played the game that I always used to play in the hot tub where you have to guess the theme.  Like everyone acts like a princess and then the person who is asking the questions and guesses what everyone else is acting out.  It was so funny.  We had a great time and the family should be getting baptized soon.

Love to you all!!!  I am glad Natalie graduated.  Sounds like home life is good.

Sister Gier

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