Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Perfect Day

April 25-May 1st

Monday I bought myself some Italian ice. So good. I am also going
through this phase of buying Pringles. I used to hate Pringles! Now, I
get them all the time. They are just so handy in that little case and
they don't get squished and the best part- they fit inside a cup
holder. Tips for future college life.
We played ninja at the park. I haven't played it since my freshman
year of high school but it got super intense! Sister Bedont
accidentally slapped a sister in the face. Elder Branning and I were
the last two standing in both games! I was literally sore in the
morning. We also played kenacky. (I haven't played pday sport in
forever because sister Bedont isn't a fan) Don't worry, I still have a
good arm when it comes to throwing a football. The time off hasn't
ruined it one bit.

Tuesday we had a lesson with Jordan who is getting baptized this
Friday. After lunch we exchanged with sister Koyle and her mini
missionary. I was with sister Koyle and we had the best exchange ever!
I really hope president makes her my companion because she's my best
friend on the mission. Of course I'll keep in touch with the
companions that I've had but Sister Koyle is truly my friend and I'll
actually hangout with her after our missions. She comes home a
transfer before me and will be living in Provo. It's perfect!
The exchange we taught 3 member present lessons. One of them was
outstanding. I literally felt like there was a staged camera crew
filming district 3. We taught the plan of salvation. Spirit was heavy,
like it was so strong I felt like I was loaded with a bunch of
blankets wrapped around me. When we asked the investigator if he had
received his answer if the Church was true, he said after he prayed a
voice came to his head that said "Follow them". How amazing is that?!
We taught with unity and the members testified strongly about how the
Plan of Salvation blesses families. After the lesson we found an elect
new investigator. Then the ward mission leader took us out for DQ
because last time we were together we got DQ to cope with what was
going on and I've been a little more stressed lately than I would have
hoped. Ice cream fixes everything!

Wednesday we taught a ton. In the afternoon we had a meeting with the
MSTLs. They questioned us on how well we know our sisters. I know the
sisters pretty well so I threw down. I quickly made a detailed list to
help get to the root of their problems then mid way through the list I
said "can we skip all of this?! The root of the problem is pride! Can
we be done now?". Of course I was joking, but I have been able to
learn a lot from these past transfers.

Thursday we taught a lot. There was a huge flash flood that came in.
Institute was good. 

Friday was incredible. The whole day was perfect. I went to the temple
with Sister Erickson. The members took us the back way through the
lake mead national park so it was nice to have different scenery. We
got temple cinnamon rolls which are my favorite things in the world!
We went to meet Elder Holland. It's really rare that the whole mission
comes together so everyone was excited to see everyone. For dinner we
quickly ate at Taco Bell before Jordan's baptism which went

Saturday it rained all day! We got a call from Sister Koyle telling us
that the transfer doctrine came early and everyone knew where everyone
was going except us. We all met in the chapel and Elder Branning
reviewed who was going where. And then got to Koyle. It was a dream
come true!! We are companions!! It's the hardest area in the mission
but it is going to be incredible!!! We literally screamed! She played
off not knowing so well but deep down I knew something was up. God
knows us too well! I'm really excited. This is the third time the area
has been double transferred (white washed) in the past 6 months...
That's not a good thing! Sister Koyle and I have work to do!!
We found an atheist lady who accepted a Book of Mormon!! And liked it!
It was a miracle we ran into her an she knew it wasn't a coincidence!
Her heart was changed by the end of the chat we had with her. She's
not YSA age b she's going to get baptized. I can tell already!

Sunday I came to church and some people already had heard I was
getting transferred... Hmm word spreads fast around here! Either way,
the ward was sad to see me go! And they were grateful for the work
that has been done. The second counselor in the bishopric said "you
can tell when you get the right set of missionaries in the right ward!
Just look at what the missionary work was before you two came in!" Let
me tell you, it was zero. Zip. Nada. They hadn't had a baptism since
September! And we had two with 4 really solid baptisms on their way!
It seems like I'll be back almost every weekend!

I hate packing.

But that's about everything for the week! Life is good.

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