Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just Dance

May 9-15th

On pday, we played volleyball.  It was the first time I have played volleyball in two transfers!  I do not know how I lived..We also made some Elders cry in Gotcha.  All those mornings playing basketball after seminary with the village ward boys has prepared me for this time in my life.  We went on two exchanges this week.  Sister Koyle and I are still getting along Great!  Although one 100 degree day it was hard for us to find motivation because we were hungry and hot.  We decided to sing "called to serve as loud as we could be for we got out of the car.  The first door we knocked on became a new investigator.#blessed
Our investigators, Axel and Andrianna are getting baptized on the 28th al let me tell you they are incredible.  They come to all the activities and church and they love the gospel so much they have invited their nonmember friends to come to church on Sunday!
Funny story...Sunday we realized that we had been double booked for dinner and we did not want to cancel on either so we had a cafe Rio dinner at 430 went home and changed into stretchy waistband skirts.  On the way to the second house Sister Koyle was saying she could not do it...she was going to tell them she was fasting or throw up.  She did neither...We got to the house and the grandma who was visiting opened the door and said one of the kids had broken their arm and the family went to the ER but the family next door was going to feed us.  I wondered if Sister Koyle had prayed for that??!!
Luckily family next door was one of our favorites so we confessed we had already eaten and just shared a spiritual message and some strawberry shortcake..  This family has three girls and reminds me of our family.  Sister Koyle covered my cake with whipping cream and the youngest shouted, " I want what Sugar girls has!.  Not much has changed with me, I still love my sugar!

I am loving life!

Love you!

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