Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

April 18- April 24

These weeks are picking up speed! I felt like I was just emailing you!

Tuesday the zone leaders had me rebuke the district leaders. They are
getting to chill and should be setting a better example for the
missionaries they have stewardship over. But it went well. The spirit
was strong and they agreed that they needed to change. It's just funny
that they had me do it.

Wednesday I was in Boulder city for exchanges. We ran into a less
active old man while he was sitting on his porch. We asked him if he
had watched the videos on Mormon.org we had left for him and he said
"no". Then we asked "why do you think we invite you to watch theses
videos?". His reply was "well, even the people in hell need ice
water!" Hahaha later he was making fun of the middle school kids as
they walked home. "Now sisters, watch these two young things... Every
once and a while they'll stop to kiss!... Hmm maybe they're not in the
kissy mood today..."

As missionaries if people are unwilling to keep commitments or change
we have to "drop them" or stop visiting them until they are more
prepared. While sister Bedont and I we evaluating the exchange later
that day say said "this sister... She just unwilling to change." I
quickly replied "Drop her!" But I do love the sisters... I promise I
was joking.
I also got rootbeer floats at A&W so that was great!

Thursday we had district council and I gave a training on setting
people with baptismal dates and inviting people to come to church.
Then we went on exchanges. We taught a recent convert about the plan
of salvation but it made me think a lot about repentance. We are
having Elder Holland come and everyone says that when he shakes your
hand he stares into your soul and knows all of your sins. I was
thinking about when he shakes my hand what will he think of me? What
do I want him to think of me? What mistakes will be made known into
him? He is a special witness of Christ as an apostle, and represents
Christ. I want to be completely clean. I want him to see the good not
the bad. I was to have a complete remission of my sins. Is it
possible? Is it possible for me to be complete clean when I shake his
hand? Yes. Through Christ I can be completely clean. I truly believe
it. More than I ever have. When I teach and tell people they can have
their sins washed clean as they are baptized I think about their major
sins and how the burden can be lifted. I don't feel a heavy burden
from my sins but I do know that I make mistakes. I feel like when I
make a mistake it's like a shard of glass in carpet. Hard to get out.
I now fully realize that I can be completely clean. I can receive a
full remission of my sins as I shake Elder Hollands hand and as I
stand at the judgment bar of God. I will feel comfortable in his
presence because I have a desire to be in his presence. No matter the
mistakes I've made my sins can be made as white as snow. I have no
need to be anxious or afraid but I can be forgiven. Because of the
Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Friday. I don't even remember what happened that day.
All the days are blending together.

Saturday we met with Collin and answered some of his questions. Turns
out he is now dating a girl in our ward. Weird! It seems like everyone
is dating someone now. I need to get out of YSA.

We street contacted a kid who said we have angel eyes and that we were
super nice. He was like 16 and had a faith in Christ but could feel
the difference the spirit makes just by briefly talking with us!

When we finished dinner we saw this guy who was helping his friends
move. We offered to help and the guy happens to be less active. His
friends were non members and so grateful for our help that they
offered to buy us pizza. We couldn't stay and eat with them because we
had to go to a stake standards night and talk about modesty.

I definitely have a testimony of modesty. I was also glad I was with
the Mia Maids and Teachers because I may have known some Laurels... We
had to leave immediately to go to a lesson with Ruby and Sister Snow
came too! Jordan also passed his baptismal interview so he will be
getting baptized this Friday!

This week we have exchanges with sister Koyle, a meeting with the AP
and MSTLs, Temple trip, elder Holland, Baptism. More Holland and
Transfers! Exciting stuff.

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