Monday, April 11, 2016

The Struggle

Week ending April 4th

Lets just say this was a LONG week..Thankfully Walmart had a good supply of Oreos, and dry shampoo and there were church pews to sleep in...

Pday we went shopping at DownEast.  Shopping is a stress relief.  They had some great sales.  Tuesday was UNBELIEVABLE.  We started with zone leadership training and then found some new investigators, had dinner at Tropical Smoothie where I finished reading the Bof M again.  After dinner was splits.  Sister Bedont went with a member to go to our appointments and I went on the bus with a member to talk to people.  Yes, LV public transportation is very interesting to see the different types of people that get on in the different parts of town.  We gave away some Bof M and had some awesome discussions.  I also bashed with a Jehovah's witness...check that off my bucket list!
When sister Bedont and I got back together we went to an appointment for an awesome investigator.  He had sent a baptism date for the end of the month, loved the church, and wanted to change his life.  However, when we showed up he was in a dark state.  He had just gambled away his paycheck and felt worthless.  You could feel the pain and grief he was in and how he wanted to utilize the atonement in his life.

Wednesday we had MLC.  Pres Snow reviewed the history of the School of Prophets and made the meeting similar to that.  We learned how to answer some tough questions and apply the gospel to real life situations.  Later we drove to Boulder city to interview Sisters Koyle and Lee.  Then Pres. drove up and pulled sister Koyle aside to tell her that her grandfather had just passed away.  It was sad and hard to be there.  But it helped having the knowledge of eternal families.

Thurdsay we had ZTC and I trained on Charity because heaven knows I need it. It went really well.  I made an analogy of companionships and oreo cookies...the holy ghost is the white stuff in the middle that holds the companions together.  I also read from a talk by Elder Holland.  The greatest commandment.   We later went on exchanges with sister Lellis and Barbini.  I was with sister Barberini in their area.  We had a great day and rode bikes.  Those homes in that area are mansions!  Thursday night I received a call from the elders asking about our day and if I thought sister Lellis was acting different and was mad...I told them I had not spent enough time with her to notice anything.  Then they said they were going to call her and tell her I said she was acting weird and upset.  Told them not to do that!  Not long after I received a call from sister L and she yelled at me and hung up...I was worried that all the trust we had from earlier in our mission had been lost...Friday, I got up and told the Elders to call sister L and tell her I did not say that...They said they tried but she just kept hanging up on them...THINGS WERE GETTING WORSE....I was starting to stress out and I get a call from the zone leaders telling me the Pres found out and he said I need to fix things...Then I get a call from the Elders asking me to check my calendar....APRIL FOOLS!   They got me!
Friday there were some issues with a companionship and we did splits.  Was with sister Koyle.  she need to talk badly.  We stayed up really late and I only receive about 2.5 hours of sleep but she needed to talk.

Needless to say it was a crazy week.

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