Monday, April 11, 2016


April 4-April 11

Time is flying by here too! In less than a month I get to call home!
Start thinking about stuff to talk about because I have no idea what
to say. I guess I'm mostly curious about Natalie's after high school
plans: where is she living? Who is her roommate? What is she studying?
And all that Jazz.
Sometimes, I don't ever miss rental properties.
That giant garage sales sounds like fun! It seems like you and sister
Green just run around and do fun stuff all the time! Just think, this
time last year they changed the wards and you thought it was going to
be the end of the world! Seems like it all worked out fine!
Monday morning I went shopping with sister Koyle while sister Bedont
helped sister Lee pack. It was honestly the most stressful pday I have
had. I would barely call it a pday because after we loaded up the car
we ate lunch at Taco Bell, emailed a little and then went to the
mission office. When we got to our side of town we ate frozen yogurt
for dinner. That's the kind of week I had. (I didn't shower and was
wearing little to no makeup- type of week).
Anyway, we got a new investigator who came to FHE and she is super
sweet! Her name is Ruby. We are excited to teach her and she has a
baptismal date for the end of May! We met with her almost everyday
this week and she came to church! It's exciting.
This week compared to last week took a complete 180 and turned my
world upside down!
We saw lots of miracles this week especially on the exchanges. Sunday
morning we had 4 lessons taught with a member present within a two
hour time period! Amazing! Sister Bedont and I were companions for
only two days this week. On one of the exchanges I had an allergic
reaction to some sort of animal so we went in 15 minutes early because
I couldn't take it anymore and needed a shower. I'm super thankful Las
Vegas has low pollen levels or else I would not be able to handle it.
Heavenly Father knows me so well to send me here.
Saturday it rained. The whole day. This is the first time I have seen
that happen here! Normally it will sprinkle for an hour but that day
it just wouldn't stop! For dinner we had veggies and hummus. I loved
it but it's not the most filling meal before fast Sunday. Haha
We met a new investigator Sawyer and one of his friends. We started
introducing the Book of Mormon and he had questions about things that
we didn't tell him but were in the pamphlet. Which is funny because he
didn't want his friend to know but still wanted answers. Then we had
one of the best plan of salvation lessons. He and his friend both have
Christian backgrounds and has similar ideas to the plan of salvation
but just needed a little adjustment. It was way cool how the spirit
testified to them that our message is true!
By the way missionaries aren't allowed to back out their cars by
themselves. They have to have someone standing behind their car
signaling for traffic... The elders though they were funny when they
parked the cars like this.
Love you! I'm doing so great! And I'm excited for this week!

Sister Gier

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