Monday, July 25, 2016

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

I was spectacular at PDAY sports again. What's new??
Tuesday I witnessed some lady back into someone else's car. But as
missionaries we talk o everyone so I street contacted her and she said
we could come back. Probably out of guilt. Afterwards we were like we
should have told her "you can be forgiven of all your sins... Even the
one you just committed" hahah
Ryan came home from scout camp and a trip to Idaho so we were excited
to see him again.
Sorry this email is so scattered.
I made sister Koyle climb through the car window.
We had to correct a sister on her modesty again. It is so hard
correcting people because I know I'm not perfect but we have to do it
and it broke our heart. Because this sister has gained a lot of weight
on her mission so things don't fit right any more. Not easy.
Thursday I wore a new dress that sister Koyle hated but everyone else
complimented me on. I'm kinda indifferent about it but it was funny
how everyone brought it up and pointed it out. For example we ate
lunch at Tropical Smoothie and I got a smoothie and a half sandwich
but the guy only charged me for the smoothie and gave me a whole
sandwich!! How awesome!!
A member of the ward added me on Facebook when they found out I was
leaving. He also looked up sister Koyle and her profile pic is a
selfie of her holding a Book of Mormon and making a kissing face. Haha
he teased her about it he whole dinner! "Book of Mormon Kissy Face"
Saturday morning we were in the Pioneer Day parade and it was really
fun! I got to see some of my old members!
Then on Saturday we found out I was being transferred. I cried... A
lot. It was a really hard weekend for me. So much so that sister Koyle
and I sat in silence until I drove over a curb and she said "you have
a lot on your mind?" And I said "ya think?" haha
Now for miracles! Monday we knocked on this guys door who was not
interested. Bummer. Then we asked if he knew anyone who may need this
message and he sent us to his neighbor across the street who's wife
recently passed away. You know those typical mission stories where
that happens and he gets baptized? I'm pretty sure he is getting
baptized. He read part of the Book of Mormon. We asked if he wanted to
be baptized and he said that he would have to come to church before
that! How exciting!
Sunday we spoke in sacrament meeting with Axel and Adrianna. There was
not a dry eye in the place. The spirit was so strong. The Hall family
brought some non member  friends and said that they wanted to come
back. Ryan and the Rivas kids took the news of me leaving really hard.
They cried all weekend and said they keep listening to Stay by
Rhianna. It's a hard goodbye.
Sunday evening we picked up Adrianna to come to a lesson for the Hall
family. Before she came out Axel ran outside and handed me a letter
with tear filled eyes. It was such a heart felt letter expressing his
thanks for helping him and his family. It's all worth it.
In the Halls lesson Derrick, the dad, randomly admitted that he prayed
and wants to be baptized Aug 30th. This took sister Koyle and I back!
He was the furthest away from wanting it and now he is going to be
baptized first! Angel, the mom, said that it's hard for her to set a
date because she doesn't want to leave her oldest daughter out. While
in the discussion Adrianna bore her testimony and told them that it is
hard for them to leave their dad at home because but they have been
fasting and he has been sober for a week now!!! It is a miracle.
Sunday felt like it was an award show and a glimpse of the work I have
done. It's all worth it. No matter what happens next transfer its all
worth it.

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