Monday, December 28, 2015

Take Me To Church

Christmas Day- December 27

So as I explained in my previous email sister Wilde and I stayed up
watching the testaments and then woke up at 4am to meet the zone
leaders at the stake center to deliver all the packages and stockings.
It was so much fun! And really funny. Some elders got so scared as we
were banging on their door! Haha for one companionship, they left
their door unlocked (which is a huge surprise cause they always lock
it) and the zone leaders snuck in an put presents under the tree. A
little while later they got a call from them saying "elders, we
thought someone broke into our apartment and it was terrifying... One
more thing, how did you get into our apartment?!" Haha
We had district breakfast at Denny's and it was a lot of fun
celebrating together. We have the best missionaries!
For the Zone leaders Christmas present sister Wilde and I took a
picture together with our frosty blowup and gave it to the elders in a
picture frame. We wrapped it up in Walmart bags with rocks surrounding
it and put it in a tupperware container. It is currently sitting on their
mantle. Haha and the best part is today at ZL STL meeting they thanked
us for the gift again and then told us when they opened it they
thought the rocks were candy and elder chambers licked it. He probably
has some sort of disease cause those rocks came from outside and were
nasty! Poor elders.
Afterwards we went to a stake center and prepared to call home. The
zone leaders came with us since they have the keys and we were all
super anxious. Sister Wilde and I didn't know what to expect. Which
its just a call home you would think it would be no big deal but it is
a loaded call. Which by the way I really love you all and enjoyed
talking with you. Keep me updated on things to come. It was hard
saying goodbye and hanging up but if it makes you feel any better I
was talking to Elder Chambers afterwards and the same thing happened
when he tried to hang up too. I'm glad I didn't get too home sick.
Although for the rest of the day I did want to cry, not because I was
sad but because the spirit has been so strong lately.
We played sports and the elders were nice and let me play basketball
with them even though I am awful. We also played volleyball and I
taught a sister from Tahiti how to flip whip cream in her mouth.
We had a traditional Christmas style dinner. Stopped by some members
homes that wanted us to come by and we were able to find a new
investigator. To end the night we went on exchanges with the sisters.
I was exhausted. Waking up early was not the best idea.

Exchanges were awesome. I was with sister Vaaie from Tahiti in my
area. We were able to see plenty of miracles even though it was
awfully cold. For example, when sister Wilde was in this area on
exchanges she met a lady, Alma, who said she had seen missionaries
before but never had the opportunity to talk to them. One of those
miracle moments where God has prepared her an she is truly searching
for the truth. Either way, we taught her the restoration and she now
has a baptismal date that we may have to move forward cause she is so
At the end of the night sister Vaaie asked why we listen to music
without words and then challenged me to make a up a song to the tune
of a song that I had only heard a few times before. it was hilarious.

Sunday was probably the best day of my life. I was asked previously
this week to give a talk in sacrament meeting about chapter 9 in
preach my gospel which is all about finding people to teach. My
favorite. Because this week was so busy I put off writing it until
that morning, so I thought for sure it was going I be a wreck.
We left PEC early cause we walked our new investigator, Alma, to
church. Thank goodness it wasn't as cold as Saturday. And it was such
a joy walking with her to church and teaching her about the ordinance
of sacrament.
There was a crowd of people in sacrament meeting because a sister had
just returned home from her mission. The state president was there and
two of the high council men joined the meeting too. Thankfully my talk
went well. Actually it went extremely well. Heavenly Father blessed me
with the spirit as I spoke. I questioned why the bishop invited me to
speak and not someone else, but there must have been a reason. The
spirit was unreal in that meeting. There were quiet a few teary eyes
and a change of heart in the members so much so that afterwards we
were able to receive two referrals from members, of people they wanted
us to teach and contact. It was a miracle. They were able to feel and
develop trust in us. My talk didn't seem any different than most but
it the spirit was more abundant than ever before.
Afterwards we taught in elders quorum. Which was different. Sister
Wilde and I taught about how to plan for a lesson and how to teach. We
taught the restoration and again the spirit was incredible strong,
which resulted in the high council man raising his hand and saying
that there is no reason why we should not be able to trust these
sisters with any of our dearest friends. It was so touching for him to
say that. We are creating Zion Wards over here!! It's incredible to
see the change the ward has made in such a short amount of time. God
is hastening the work.

The church is true. I love you!

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