Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Do I Wanna Know?

Dec 1-7th

I got your package today and I loved it! By the way if you haven't noticed on my debit card I have been purchasing some things like a watch, necklace, tights etc because I know it is cheaper for me to buy them than have you buy them and ship them here. So merry Christmas to me! 
Sister Leete and I want to make a ginger bread (gramcracker) temple so if you could send me the recipe for the royal icing that would be much appreciated. 
I'm glad Grandma will be happier in this new place. Send me her address and I will try and remember to send her a Christmas card. 
Sad to think Dad is off the High Council it would have been cool if he was there just one more year so he could be at the interview when I come home. But oh well. I'm sure he will love primary haha
Did you say the zone has 120 missionaries?! That’s insane! We only have 26 missionaries in our zone! 
Let me see if I can remember anything from this week... On Tuesday and Thursday we went on exchanges which is always fun but a lot of pressure because I have to set a perfect example, correct any disobedience, and teach them skills. Wow. I think my hair is turning gray. Tuesday night right after exchanges right as Sister Leete and I were about to sit down and plan for the next day we had to race off and save some sisters by bringing hot chocolate and talking about our feelings. We didn't get home until 10:30 which is when we are supposed to go to bed... I am being force to develop a heart. It is weird. But I guess this helps me become the person God wants me to be. 
On Wednesday we have MLC which is Missionary Leadership Council. Its where all of the Zone Leaders and STLs come together once a month to receive training from President Snow, the APs and the MSTLs. Its way cool. Its like a super special conference and everyone knows everyone because everyone has been going to these meetings forever or have served around each other. It was a little  weird not knowing what was going on. But the old AP, who is now one of the Zone Leaders that I'm working with, is very determined for me to become the best missionary possible... he kept telling me in the meeting "sister Gier you've got to make a name for yourself." So the pressure is on!
umm this letter is stopping here because I’ve got to go but hopefully i will send the rest later. 
love you!!

sister Gier 

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