Monday, November 23, 2015

What You Wanted

Well. Where to start? This week was busy busy busy. I saw a load of miracles and then again, loads of drama. Sister Leete and I had this break down realization that we are sister missionaries. We are sister missionaries. Being in leadership my eyes have been opened to the work ethic that most sisters have, or I should say the lack of work ethic. Sister missionaries get such a bad wrap for being lazy, making excuses, not talking to everyone and not living up to their potential. It's said that sister have that reputation and currently there are very few sisters that try to change that. I think that's why last night sister Leete and I repeated back and forth. "We are sister
missionaries". Almost like we were in shock. Kinda like how I didn't realize how short I was playing volleyball until I saw a video and realized I was tiny. In shock about the realization. But sister Leete
and I are doing well at not stooping down to that standard. We are actually working really well together and hitting all of our goals. But we have to rebuke sisters and kick them into gear.

So we gave a boss training on the five love languages (physical, words, gifts, service and time) applied to missionary work so they zone leaders can show the sisters that they care while still telling them that they aren't working hard enough. It's a thin line. The zone
leaders were trying to figure out our love languages. After thinking about it all weekend, they came to they conclusion that sister  Leetes was words of affirmation. But they still couldn't figure out mine so
they decided to try different things to see how I responded to each of them. We got a voice mail from the zone leaders saying "sisters... We
hate love languages...we sent a guy to jail because of it". It was too late to call them back so the next time they saw us they told this story about how they were on their way to drop us of a cake (thinking my love language was gifts) and they witnesses car going about 50 hit a person and saw him roll off the car and fly in the air. They chased the guy down and found out where he lived and then spent the whole evening talking to police men. It was crazy. But God puts you in the right spot at the right time.

We went on exchanges with sisters back to back. Exchanges is when the STLs are companions with another companionship to go to their area and
help them learn how to work more effectively. Those where some long days. My first exchange was in my area with a sister who was convinced that she should have been an STL and not me and she tried to steal one of our families who was investigating. Whoohoo that was a long, frustrating day! The next exchange was a ton better cause I went to the other sisters area and we found a golden investigator. We prayed
to know which door to knock on and as we were walking around we heard a meow sound coming from someone's back yard. We thought they were
kittens but really they were baby puppies! We decided to knock on the door. A 15 year old opened up and said that she has wanted to join the church for a while but thought you had to be a certain age and has
some confusion. We cleared up her questions and asked if she had ever read the Book of Mormon before. She said no. Then we asked if she
would like to. She said yes with a smile. We pulled out a Book of Mormon and her face lit up like Christmas. She started crying when we handed it to her and gave her the biggest hug. It was amazing, the spirit that we felt. So besides crazy sister problems. My week was super good. I always forget what happens but just know I'm doing well and I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving.
The church is true. I love you!

Sister Gier

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