Monday, November 9, 2015

Changing of the Seasons

October 26-November 1

Monday, I made missionary name tags for Rhythm and Melody and we
dropped them off. They should be getting baptized soon! Transfers are
coming up so hopefully I don't move out quite yet.

Our dinner appointment was with this old lady and her "clan".
Literally, this group of elderly sister do everything together! When
they sign up to feed us we know that the rest of the clan is coming
too. Tuesday, she signed up and told us to meet her at a restaurant.
When we got there our eyes were huge! It was this taco sports bar and
we just walked right in, sticking out like a sore thumb, sat down and
ate some tacos without thinking twice.

Thursday, we had district council and we gave a killer training on
street contacting. I compared it with my knowledge of sales when I was
in deca and it come together really nicely. Afterwards, our district
leader told us that it was one of the most powerful trainings he has
received. And then later he called and shared success stories of the
day from applying the training.

Thursday, afternoon we exchanged. I was with sister Pachetto in Kingman
and sister Sandoval and Kaufusi were here in Bullhead. This was only
the 2nd time I've been out of the area for exchanges so I was excited
and we saw some neat miracles as we placed Books of Mormon (which
normally we don't count how many books we pass out). It was an awesome
day and sister Pechetto said it was the most amount of miracles she
has seen from exchanges.

Friday morning as we were concluding the exchange it was 60 degrees
outside! It's a good thing I packed a sweater. Then we met half way in
Golden Valley to eat lunch were there is a total of 4 places to eat in
the town. If you heard how many times I eat Mexican food you would
think that I would be sick by now but surprisingly I'm not.

I also saw a shooting star Friday night. So that's neat.

Oh and mom I think I forgot to tell you. I ate meat loaf for the first
time in my life this transfer and had it a second time this week.
Thanks for not cooking meatloaf.

Dawna has been out of town for the past week and a half so we haven't
gone over there. But Saturday evening we were street contacting and
felt prompted to change directions and walk to Scott and Dawna's
house. And it was a miracle we did. God literally but us in the
perfect position at the perfect time. God knew it. We all knew it. I
am so thankful that we followed the prompting of the spirit. This is a
critical point in Scott's conversion and I can see a change in both
Scott and Dawna. Later we brought them some chili from the ward party
and as we were leaving we said "good bye! Love you!" And they stopped
us and told us that they haven't heard missionaries say that for a
long time. But they could tell that we meant it and that they care
about us too. Early this transfer Sister Kaufusi and I discussed our
ideas of why Scott hasn't been baptized yet. And a lot comes down to
the missionaries and how much they showed that they genuinely cared
for them. It was such an incredible day. And sorry there isn't a lot
of detail in the story, it's kinda hard to explain the situation. But
it is amazing to me how much people open up to the missionaries and
trust us. I know it's only possible through the spirit. And I'm not
saying that sister Kaufusi and I have the perfect companionship by any
means, but when it matters most we are able to put away our pride,
which brings back the spirit of conversion, and helps people come unto

Funny story of the week: on Sunday Sister Kaufusi got up to share a
powerful testimony in sacrament meeting and at the end she said,
"Bishop I don't know if I'm allowed to do this so stop me if I
can't... but I just want to know who in here is a BYU fan? Will you
all stand up? *some people stand* Now who in here is a Utah fan?...
Stay seated cause I don't want to know who you are". She had the ward
rolling! It was hilarious.

Also, the Halloween party was great and I got to hold a chicken! We
helped pass out candy at the trunk-or-treat but made the kids work for
it by asking them questions like "who is the current prophet?" And
challenging some of the older kids to give a Book of Mormon to their
friends. It was awesome!
The church is true. I love you!
Sister Gier

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