Monday, November 9, 2015

Everything Works Out in the End

November 2- November 8

This was a PR breaking week! I think it was just the Lord giving me
confidence for what is to come these next couple of transfers. Last
week we had 5 people with a baptismal date and on an amazing week we
would find 4 new investigators. But this week we found 21 new
investigators!!! And now we are teaching 13 people who have a date to
be baptized!!! Whoohoo! We struck gold! However, it makes it so hard to
leave this area now. Right as the ball gets rolling, I get moved. But
I guess I did all the work the Lord wanted me to do, its just going to
be hard because I won't be able to see the fruits of my labors. I think
it's a theme in my mission because I talked to Sister Lellis this week
and she told me that two of my investigators from my last area got
baptized this week. But I'm thankful I could do my part in helping
them come to Christ.

On the bright side... There are big things in store for me in my next
area!! Wasn't it a nice surprise that president let me call home? I
wish I could have talked more but I'll be able to Skype with you in a
little over a month. So let me try and explain more about how mission
leadership works.
I realized since neither you nor dad went on a mission you have no
idea what AP, Distict Leader, Zone leader, STL or MSTL means so I'll
try and explain this lingo. A district is usually made up of 3 or 4
companionships in an area. A zone is multiple districts (usually 3 or
4 districts) collected in an area kinda like how a stake has multiple
wards. And for right now there are 7 zones in the mission. (I know Las
Vegas is adding another stake so who knows what president will do if
with the off balance of stake and Zones). A district leader is an
Elder who leads the district, conducts district counsel and reports
the work of the district to the Zone Leaders. The Zone Leaders are
elders who lead the Zone, along with the STLs or Sister training
leaders (this is me) and they report up to the APs or assistant to the
presidents and the MSTLs or the Mission Sister Training Leaders. As an
STL I'll go on exchanges with the sisters in my Zone, give trainings,
go to more meeting with trainings, be expected to be a perfect example
for other missionaries, etc. So as you can see this is a big
responsibility especially at such a young age in the mission but I
know God will help me. I'll be busy busy busy so sorry if these next
emails resemble elder Pratts. Haha
My companion, Sister Leete, and I will have a ward or two that we work
in like normal, but we will also be leading about 13 missionary
companionships in the Central and Sunrise stakes which surround the
temple. (Ask around and see if anyone knows people who live in these
areas). I'm so excited to work with a seasoned missionary who knows
what she is doing (but don't get me wrong, I loved training new
missionaries too). The zone leaders are Elder Chambers (the one who
plays football for BYU from my first zone and district) and Elder
Sawyer (the old Assistant to the President). I'm excited to become the
missionary God wants me to be.

Okay back to the other neat things that happened this week. P-day we
went over to the Laughlin side and took pictures by the river and then
at the welcome to bullhead sign. When we went shopping we saw a sign
that said "pomegranates 10 for $10". Which I thought was a pretty good
deal so we bought ten and made a mess while we peeled them. But it was
fun and it was the first time sister Kaufusi tried a pomegranate.
The email president sends before transfers is always the most nerve
racking. Usually he will leave sisters hints on whether they are
leaving or staying in the area. And he left a pretty obvious hint of
what would be in store this next transfer.
Sister Laurie Russell came out to help us reach nearly the whole day
on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. She is awesome! She served her
mission in Colombia and hasn't spoken Spanish in 33 years but she is
an answer to our prayers cause now we can more effectively teach our
Hispanic investigators, instead of me stumbling through lessons in

Wednesday, a girl opened the door to a potential we were supposed to
visit. When she opened the door, before we could introduce ourselves
and state our purpose she said, looking at me "I've seen you before".
I had never seen her before (that I know of) but it reminded me of a
story that Sister Fingerle shared with me titled "I'll find you my
friend". I'll send it in another email.

Thursday, we drove up to Las Vegas with Elder Walker (our district
leader) and his companion, Elder Burup. It was fun going to mid 12
week training and seeing all the missionaries and catching up with
them since I never see missionaries out of valley.  After the training,
President Snow pulled me aside and asked to talk and told me he wanted
me to be an STL. A lot of missionaries joke around about me being an
STL but I don't think any of them would have guessed it would happen
this soon. It was hard keeping it a secret! And sad when we would say
goodbye to someone after an appointment saying "see you next week!"
and in the back of my head thinking "no you won't".
I finally couldn't hold it in any longer so I told sister Kaufusi
Friday evening when we were teaching Scott and Dawna. She was mad. She
even punched me in the arm. And Scott and Dawna were sad, so the next
day they had us come over and we made s'mores in the back yard while
we taught the lesson. It was nice. I'm really going to miss drinking
koolaid in the same mugs every time we go over.

Since we had regional conference I didn't get to say goodbye to
everyone which was hard. And everyone was sad to see me go, but I did
get a picture with Laurie Russell. She is so sweet.

I can't wait for this new adventure!
The church is true. I love you!
Sister Gier

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