Monday, November 16, 2015

Honey, I'm Good

Nov 9-16th 

You're going to hate how short this message is...just know it's because
I'm working hard!

It was super hard saying goodbye to everyone on Monday and we didn't
have a lot of time to do it. But hopefully I'll be able to come back
for all the baptisms.

Tuesday, all of the missionaries going back in valley met up in Dolan
Springs. Good luck looking it up on a map cause I doubt you will find
it. I feel bad for the elders who have to serve there. It was so sad
saying good bye to sister Kaufusi but I know she will do a great job!
The bus coming down with the missionaries was late so we were late
getting back in the Las Vegas valley. When we got to the mission
office I had to hustle inside to meet sister Leete and go to a
training for new leaders. It was really neat. I'm excited to help the
elders and sisters that I have stewardship over.
It was a mess trying to find my luggage after the meeting and we
weren't able to find my pillows but we had to run and meet the zone
leaders to discuss the zone vision. I may have mentioned this in my
last email but the zone leaders are Elder Sawyer (who was the last
assistant to the president) and elder Chambers (who was my zone leader
in my first area). My companion sister Leete is actually a Spanish
missionary but is now in English to be an STL. This is her last
transfer on her mission which is weird cause I'm used to working with
brand new sisters. Sister Leete knows so much! We different people but
the SAME missionary. I think president did it on purpose. Haha anyway,
I'm part of the best leadership team and I excited to be in this

Being an STL has really opened my eyes. We have to know everything
about everyone...including their problems. If something goes wrong or
the sisters have a question we get a call. Normally a zone has 3-4
companionships of sisters, including the STLs...we have 5, not
including us. WE ARE BUSY!! Not to mention we have appointments all
the time with investigators and for trainings. This Friday we had
interviews with president and the zone leaders and us were there for
10 hours! We barely got a break for lunch cause we were giving
trainings and stuff.
Our zone vision is "Focus on our Purpose". Super simple but it's
needed. We are going to focus by being accountable and motivated
missionaries. We came up with this idea to have a traveling trophy
based on a point system of how many baptisms, investigators with a
baptismal date, investigators who came to church, lessons taught with
a member present, and new investigators. The zone leaders made an
"iron rod" that is made of "diamond willow" the strongest wood in
North America, and you get to sign it if you have the most points.
I'll send a picture.

It's going to be hard being an STL because every sister in our zone
has been out longer than I have besides 3 sisters who are being
trained. So I have to work hard to gain their trust because president
and I can see this becoming an issue if they don't support me as a
leader. Oh well! God wants me here for a reason. Sorry this email is
super short. Just know that I'm seeing miracles and I'm loving the
time in my mission. I feel like I'm being trained all over again.

I'm super excited for pday today. I'm getting my hair cut next week. I
wish sister Pratt could fly out and cut my hair.

The church is true, I love you!
Sister Gier

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