Monday, January 18, 2016

Don't Stop Believing


This week was AWESOME!
Thanks for the birthday surprise.  Chelsea Upshaw asked the zone leaders where we lived and then brought a lot of members from the YSA ward and surprised us when we came home!  It was awesome and very thoughtful.   Thanks mom!  I love you!
We also went on exchanges with the hermansas and my spanish is getting worse...not that it was that great to begin with but still...
Saturday night we received a call from the president telling us one of the sisters in our zone went missing but it was a miscommunication and it turns out everyone is alive and well.  But we were all a bit worried for a while.
Steve was baptized this weekend.  It was incredible.  The night before the baptism he had to Book of Mormon bash his family because they were giving him a hard time that he had been brain washed and was joining a cult and he did not understand what he was doing..   He went and picked up his Book of Mormon and said, "READ THE COVER".   It says it is another testament of Jesus Christ and that its whole purpose it to testify of Christ.   The he flipped to a page and read it and it talked about baptism and the holy ghost, he told his parents that is what he wanted in his life and if you don't believe in this then you are not Christians!  Pretty bold but awesome.   After the baptism we walked around the temple and he knew all temples needed a corner stone.  Who knows stuff like that?!
I don't have much time but thanks for everything!  Love you!
Sister Gier

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