Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey Ya!

Aug 1-7th

Let's start with the P-day report. It's a new zone with new
missionaries that I haven't served around yet. Of course I had to show
off a little. I shot a three right as one of the zone leaders walked
in so after that he picked me to be on his team every time. It's a
good first impression for the zone. Haha
Sister Sandoval sent me this awesome package with stuff from Alaska,
inside jokes and music! I'm so grateful to have some new music because
the days seem long with the same EFY song over and over. And I got the
package of the puzzle. I know Kevin Durant said that his mom is the
real MVP, but mom you are the real MVP.

We got a map of every house in our area. It's a small map. Im marking
every door we knock on and talk to someone. It's going to be
completely marked up in a couple weeks. All we do all day is knock
doors, drink water, sweat and knock more doors. We talk to a lot of
people. President may have to shut down or combine this area.
We took a member from sister Daultons last ward out with us one
evening. She is 12 but loves to come with us and her mom is okay with
it so its all good. 

In other news a member looked at me and said "wow you're so skinny!!".
She has had two daughters serve missions so she knows it's not easy. I
don't feel like I'm losing weight I just think that I'm "drying out
like beef jerky" (grandpa) so it makes me look slimmer.

We found another family with a golden retriever! We were knocking
doors (again) and the guy said that he had talked to missionaries in
the pasted and liked what they had said but wasn't too interested
because he skips around from church to church. However somehow (it was
the spirit) he agreed to have us come back again!

District council was good this week. We made a district vision "do not
look back". It reminds me of when Eric Duda would tells us that guys
are so much easier to coach than girls. Girls dwell on the last point
or the last mistake and then that mistake turns into another mistake
and the ball hits them in the face. Where as guys move on because the
serve is coming fast!

We had exchanges with the STLs. It's way different being on this side
of the exchange. We worked really hard and knocked on a lot of doors.
I wanted them to see what the area was really like instead of trying
to create miracles and plan all of these potentials I gave her a cut
dry day of knocking doors. She was exhausted by the end.

I know this transfer won't be easy. Heck everyone knows it won't be
easy for me. But sister Lopez (my STL)  said some really genuine
things that I needed to hear. She told me that she had never seen
sister Daulton so happy. And that I was one of those people who you
look at and say "how does she do what she does?" She said that I was
solid for her and respects me. She was impressed that I haven't had a
break down or that my companion hasn't either. She told me that
president is really proud of me too. I hope someday sister Daulton
won't have to be another missionaries "special assignment" but just
another companion.

This week was more wearing on me. There was a camp this week called
Camp PMG where every companionship over 3 zones gets assigned a mini
missionary to come out for us the entire day. On Sunday they had a fireside 
for the youth  they chose me to speak. 
I felt very honored. When President got up to speak he
spoke very highly of me. I think he knows how humbling this experience
is and how he wants to help but can only do so much. I feel really
alone because no one but Christ can truly help and reach out.
President keeps offering for me to come in and talk with him but I
turn it down because "I can handle it". I know turning people down is
prideful but I want to know I'm strong enough to get through this on
my own.

At the end of the night we had this super awesome miracle where we
knocked on this door and a lady named Jessica opened and invited us
right in. She had been living her for less than a year, was looking
for a church and looking for a change. We began by teaching her about
how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses
families then the spirit prompted us to teach about the plan of
salvation. The spirit was incredibly strong especially when she opened
up and told us her father had passed away. Our mini missionary was
able to bare testimony of eternal families because her father had also
passed away. She said the gospel felt genuine. And the things she had
questions about suddenly made sense. She believed this was possible
because of the spirit and accepted a baptismal date!! It was so

Spiritual thought of the week. I'm going to try to make my emails more
spiritually uplifting. It's funny because most of the time when
missionaries start doing this in their emails they've had a change of
heart and the mission is finally working for them! I'm about 15 months
into my mission and it's finally kicked in... Better late than never!
This morning I was reading in Mormon. Chapter 2 verse 26 basically
says that the Nephites are humbled only because they are losing
everything, therefore they are wicked and the Lamenites are even more
wicked. They go to battle and the Nephites win, Mormon claims its not
because God is with them but just because of their own strength
because they haven't turned to God and have no desire at this point to
do so. However Mormon is still strong in the Lord. He still is
thinking with his head straight (sober mind) and the Nephites in a few
verses before, call him to be their captain even though he is young. I
think the Nephites won because of the spiritual strength of one man.
One consecrated missionary can change the work. That's how disobedient
missionaries baptize, it's because of the righteous that over powers
the unrighteous.
Also in Mormon 3:17 he pauses from writing the chronological events
and speaks to us directly saying that he is writing this for us. It
kinda reminded me of a note that starts out "if you are reading
this..." Mormon is saying "If you are reading this you're close to
death because life is short but at least you're reading this so you
must not be too bad, just don't be like these people, be better."

Love from Sister Gier

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