Tuesday, July 14, 2015


July 13, 2015

 Monday I made tortilla soup like I told you and it was so good! I can actually cook now! And it was finally under 100 degrees this week so it wasn't too hot to eat soup... although I guess for most people 90 degrees is still too hot. oh well it was tasty!

Wednesday I drove down to the mission office with my mini missionary (everyone thinks that we are twins or sisters. I'll send a picture of her later) to pick up my new companion. We don't know who it is when we get there. we all sit in the chapel and then president calls both names of the companionship and they stand up, look at each other and give each other a hug. When I was holding the door open for the new sisters and welcoming them, one of the sister said "You have a very German name!" Haha at least someone can tell why Gier is pronounced differently!
Anyway... that German sister... is my companion!!! She was happy to hear that I had so much German blood in me! And we have a theory that we are both competitive because of our German ancestors. (we are about to kick some Elder's butts in laser tag today!) Sister Fingerle is my companion's name and we get along wonderfully! This weekend we were eating dinner and she said "I feel like I've met you before" and I had that same feeling! Maybe we were friends before we came to this earth or something. She is very organized and we work really well together! And she loves her German chocolate! She teaches me new words all the time and speaks English really well cause they have to learn it in school. She told me that Gier means "envy" in German... maybe that's why everyone wants to be a Gier! 
Martin, our investigator who kinda dropped us last sunday cause he thought that Jospeh smith was the root of all evil, showed up to institute on Wednesday! And by talking with him afterwards we convinced him to meet with us again! In this lesson that we had with him I was very direct and upfront and I was trying to think of ways to get him to read the book of mormon so I told him "I DARE you to prove me wrong by reading to Book of Mormon and finding something false about it!! and I never lose so you better search really hard!!" My companion just laughed!! Haha

Sister Sandoval (I write S bacause its faster) has been transfers to Lake Havasu in AZ. She is going to MELT!! But she only has 9 months left of her mission. 

Pictures are awesome! But overall I'm good cause I have walmart and I'm still in the USA. 
Sister Gier and Fingerle

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