Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Week 8: July 13-19

This week was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!  Monday was the usual play sports (P-day) and make the Elders cry of embarrassment day.  That is what Giers do!
The best part of the day was when we received the call that Jairo could be baptized.  I was in unbelief.  He had been waiting to hear back from the first presidency since March and this weekend he will finally be baptized.  I have never meet someone who wanted something so badly.  When we went to  his house to talk with him and help him plan his baptism he said, "wow, you guys are like wedding planners except it is for a baptism."  That is why sister missionaries are the best.  This will be the first baptism of my mission.  I will send photos.
This week we met with Martin, 4 times I think.  He was the guy who wanted to stop meeting with us because he had decided he hated Joseph Smith.  But this week during a lesson he randomly said, "you know I may have been too hard on JS"...umm, yes!   It was a miracle that he has had a change of heart.  After one of the lessons we were talking about the area we cover and he was surprised that we are being sent to a sketchy area because it is dangerous.  He said he would be our body guard any time we wanted and he is about 6'5" and around 300lbs so we might take him up on the offer!
We met another investigator, Greg.   We meet with him 4 times this week.  At the beginning of the week he was telling us stuff like I smoke, drink cuss and I am who I am and I am not ever going to change.  Later in the week he was a different guy.  He told us that he had stopped smoking and wanted to stop doing drugs...he continued telling us how amazing he feels when he comes to meet with us and how his dad has seen a change in him since he started the missionary discussions.  He was very thankful and told us we were the nicest people he has ever met.
This week I have finally learned to truly love my investigators.  Even though it is sometimes hard to get through to them and they are stubborn sometimes on purpose.  I know they are all children of God.  I can't even begin to describe the changes I have seen in them over the past week.  When we told Greg about the Celestial Kingdom, he immediately said "He was going there!"
On Friday we went to the temple which is always a great experience.
Saturday, was zone training and they lesson was on how to teach like angels.   Afterwards sister F and I went to teach an investigator the lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel .  When he was saying the closing prayer, he literally said, "thank you for sending me these beautiful angels to teach me."  Pretty amazing!   We have been visiting a lady who has been less active in the church for nearly 20 years.  But we have built a great relationship with her.  We bring snacks for each other at church.  She always brings me dried mangos - she already knows me well.  She is a dealer at Aria.
The Church is True!   I miss you!
Love, Sister Kaila Gier

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