Monday, August 3, 2015

Perfect Situation

July 20-26th

This week was something else!  We met with Greg (the investigator who is gay) on Tuesday.  We tried teaching him the law of chastity and you can imagine how that went!  We had an older member from Henderson, NV who is also gay, and holds a temple recommend come out to teach Greg.  Things went well for a while but then they were yelling at each other and Greg used the "F" word 1000 times and stormed out of the church and threw his Book of Mormon on the ground.  It was the worst lesson ever!   We went to Greg's house the next day to drop off a note and surprisingly things are on good terms with him.

We had exchanges on Thursday.  You know you like your companion when you both don't want to go on exchanges.  My exchange companion was sister Martin, from Mexico and 24 and has already graduated from college.  Its cool how on missions it does not matter your age, or how long you have been on your mission but what matters is your spirit and your faith in the Lord.  Think heaven will kinda be like this.  No one will care about ages, but it will be a measurement on your age of your spirituality and how well you know Christ.

Pioneer Days were this weekend.  I thought is was just a Utah thing, but you know Mormons find anyway they can to have a "party".  It was actually really fun and a great activity to brin investigators to.  They say that the north stake pioneer day are the best in the vally so I am happy that I am in this area!  Friday night we cut up a bunch of watermelons and served food to the members.  The food was pretty food.  They used KC bbq sauce which is a bummer.  At least elder Riley knows what Head country tastes like!  And at eh end of the night they had all the kids throw colored chalk stuff, like in color runs, up in the air.  I totally would have jumped in but I did not want to ruin my clothes.
Saturday night was even better because there were different booths set up with food and treats.  I had street tacos from the Spanish ward, cotton candy, root beer floats, some fried thing and a bucket load of watermelon!  (Amanda wold be proud)  The missionaries in our zone had a photo booth sue up with pioneer props and clothes people could take fun pictures.  And the best part of the night was that we had permission to stay our later so we could watch the fireworks.  I LOVE FIREWORKS!  Seriously, I don't know how Igot so lucky to have eh best mission in the world and then the best zone in the mission and the best ward in the zone.  God loves me so much. It just makes me nervous to know where i will be sent next cause nothing can compare to Number 1 North!!!

Now for the best part of the week, Jairo's baptism.  It was awesome!  Jairo was in prison when someone slid him a Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price under his jail cell door.  He told us that he was so bored he decided to read it and wanted to meet the missionaries when he got out of jail.  The Spanish speaking elders had been teaching him since February and he had been waiting since March to get his baptism approved by the first presidency of the church.  The first day I arrived in the mission, the Spanish elders (Sims and Thorne) passed him off to Sister Sandoval and me so that he could come to the young single adult ward.  I remembered the love that the elders had for Jairo.  I have never seen someone want to be baptized so badly. I am still sot amazed that he never lost faith during those months and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of his conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When he came up out of the baptismal water you could tele was a new person.  He truly changed because of Christ.  After the baptism, elder Chambers said , "sister Gier, you've got to look in the mirror!  I have never seen you smile so much."  It was such a neat experience.

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