Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm Still Here

August 10-16th Monday I bought some scissors to thin and cut my hair.  I did not take much off the length but there was a cat sized ball of hair when I was done!  It is too hot for may thick hair!  Sister Fingerless asked me to cut her hair.  I told her I had never cut hair before but he trusted me.  It is a good thing it turned out nice because we still have a week together!
Wednesday we taught Johnny about the Restoration.  We are trying to make sure we teach simply and make sure he understands everything.  Later we stopped by Miguel's house.  He has no religious background and does not believe in God.  When I asked him what happens to our bodies when they die he said they just decompose.  That reminded me of the time grandpa said that our bodies dry up like beef jerky (that grandpa) but at least grandpa also knew that our souls go to Heaven.  
Thursday, we had mid 12 training.  It is fun to see missionaries from different areas.  North Star YSA is the promised land!  We got caught out in a bad storm later that day.  We had a door slammed in our face when a lady who we were talking to go startled by a big loud clap of thunder and she excitedly shut the door but then opened it and apoligized!
Friday we did a service project at the Food Bank and had lunch with all the missionaries.  Then we meet with Johnny.  We always read a page from the Book of Mormon with him and then teach him a lesson.  When he said the closing prayer, the said, "thank you for sending me these two wonderful young ladies to my life at this time because I know you sent them to me when I needed them the most."
Saturday we received our transfer notices.  I am happy to say that I am staying in the North star YSA and will be training again.  
I am really going to miss some of the missionaries in our district who are leaving especially Sister Fingerle.  

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