Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hot Mess

Monday was our last day with our zone and it was sad saying goodbye to most all the missionaries.  I will most likely serve with some of them again later on during my mission.  Elder Jones and Riley were so sad that they made plans with Sister Fingerele and I to form a new mission called the Nevada Las Vegas Strip mission and  we will start preaching from the top of the Stratosphere Like Samuel the Lamenite.  Haha!  Of course we were just joking...kinda!

August 17-23rd

Wednesday was a day of change.  Woke up and decided to change everything in the apartment!  Beds, couch, table everything was moved.  Nothing in the apartment is the same.  Today I was assigned a new companion. Sister Lellis.   She is from Brazillia, Brazil and has only been a member of the church for about a year and is the only member in her family.  She speaks English pretty well but she says she gets frustrated with herself because she has only been speaking English for 2 years.  I may need the gift of tongues!  Ha ha, but she is wonderful   She is very smart and the joke is "I know everything about the lesson...but in Portuguese!"    So far none of my companions have come from the continental USA.

Saturday was a crazy day.  Our investigator Kevone was about to turn us away and then the spirit took over and I asked if he had some time for a short message.  Sister ellis was opening her scriptures to share something but the spirit was telling me to go a different way...we followed the spirit and before you know it we had taught him the restoration and committed him to come to church and be baptized in 8 minutes and he agreed!.  It was a good thing it only took 8 min because it was 110 degrees outside.  That may have been the motivation for the short powerful lesson!

We had an appointment scheduled with two investigators and when we arrived at the house we were greeted by a note that read, "Dear missionaries, we will be busy at 7 pm today."  It made us laugh.  Most people just don't open the door if they don't want us to come and visit them.

The church is true.  I miss you.
Sister Gier

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