Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sweater Weather

Sept 14-20th

The temperature finally got into the 90's and 80s and yes, I didwear a cardigan for most of the week.  Because it is 20 degrees cooler than what I am used to.  Even the weather app had a picture of mountains with snow on them.  Vegas has changed me.  I think I am now cold blooded.

I loved the picture of Ally and me.  I cant believe it has already been one year since that picture was taken.  it is good to hear Natalie is back on the court.  The new CRV looks nice.  I really like the red.  Tell Natalie to take good care of it!!.  I can't believe that the poor old car was rear ended again.  So many good memories came from driving it.  May it rest in pieces.... oh, I am glad Natalie is okay.

Pday was so much fun!   We went to the park and played every game you can imagine.  Volleyball, kenacky, football,soccer, basketball, name it1  It was great!  I am still one of the only females who plays sports on Pdays which is fun because the elders can't guard me in basketball because I am a sister. Ha!  I played too hard...I got sunburnt and dehydrated.  I felt so sick when we got back to the apartment I went straight to bed.
We met with Dijana ands has been keeping the word of wisdom for 2 weeks and she said she is 90% sure she wants to be baptized.  How awesome!

Tuesday we received some rain.  Las Vegas rainy days consist of partly cloudy with some sprinkles for about an hour.  Not what I call a rainy day but I'll take what I can get!  A member, Randy, took us out to Famous Daves, again.  Sister Lellis and I were so excited.  Randy is amazing.  Like I said in an earlier email, he really knows what the atonement means.  He told us that when he was in prison, he could not take the sacrament and he hated it.  It is amazing how many times we go through the motions of taking the sacrament and forget the true meaning of it.   In the evening we had some crazy street contacts.  There were a lot of drunk people out and about that evening.

Wednesday the weather was unbelievable.  The sky was so blue for most of the day and the temp was in the 80s!!!

Thursday while street contacting sister Lellis said this is like Pacman trying to chase people!  haha.

Saturday more street contacting this time in an area that we normally don't go to because it is super ghetto.  But sometimes I like ghetto because it is completely different culture than what I am used to. You can tell how ghetto a place is by how much grass is in the complex or what type of rocks they use if they don't have grass.  Sister L said can you imagine how scary this place would be at night!  That is why we went during the day...

Sunday, we met with Dijana again to teach her about tithing and fasting and she basically taught us.  In the evening we had dinner with the Rameriz family.  Mexican food...everyone knows if you have a Mexican dinner you will come out of the house 10 lbs heavier.  They made us this soup and is was so good.  We finished our bowls and asked for a little more but were given another heaping bowl full!  Then they gave us ice cream for dessert.  I thought I was going to burst.

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