Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Something Big

August 31st-September 6th

Monday was a great Pday as usual.  I am one of the only females who actually play sports on P-day.  It is weird to me that more of the females don't play.  I hope there will be plenty of people to play sports with on P-day throughout my mission.
Tuesday was a day full of miracles.  In the morning we met a lady who had talked with missionaries before but wanted to stick with her religion, Baptist, however she told us that she continues to read from the Book of Mormon and often compares it to the Bible.  And she agreed to have us come back again.  All of our appointments followed through which is awesome!  And while were were on our way to one of our lessons, a random member from a different ward saw us and fed us tacos.
One of the lessons I was most nervous about was John's.  He is in the army and used to live in EL Paso, Tx but moved back to Vegas.  While he was in Texas he converted to the church but no one in his family knows except his younger sister.  We have to teach hime the recent convert lessons but pretend that he is taking them as an investigator...while his family is there.  Today we showed him the  "Because of Him"video (Because of Him - YouTube) and shared some scriptures to try to get the family to warm up to us.  The father made it very clear that the family had all been baptized Catholic.  They are a nice family and fed us a Philippine feast.

The most interesting part of Wednesday what when sister Lellis and I went to go visit a guy named Darius.  Sister Fingerle and I had found him a few weeks ago but had to pass him off to the family ward because he is married.  I felt like we should stop by and see how he was doing.  We knocked on the door of his apartment and we could tell the person behind the door grabbed the knob but hesitated to open the door.  When Darius opened the door, his face lit up!  I asked if the other missionaries had been seeing him.  He told us his wife did not like them to come over.  Knowing he was still interested in learning more, I asked if he had been reading the Book of Mormon.  Discouraged he told us that his wife had thrown it away.  I offered him another and he graciously accepted.  Just as I reached into my bag to give him another, his wife opened the door and gave us a look that could kill!  So we left and tried to figure out how we could best help him.  We are going to have a set of Elders go and try to give him the discussions.   It is incredible how so many people take the Book of Mormon for granted, but there are those who would die to jus the able to hold it in their hands and read it.  It is precious.  It is meant to be read, searched , studied , pondered, and prayed over.  It changes lives.  Abraham 3:19
"and the Lord said unto me:  These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am more intelligent than they all."   Sister Lellis's translation...."this is God saying shut up and listen you may think you are smart, but I am the Boss!"

Friday we went to the temple and it was lovely as always.  I always have this incredible feeling of peace and comfort there that can not be found anywhere else.   After the temple, we went to visit Tyler, Team Jesus.  He was surprised to see us.  He was a little depressed so it was awesome talking with him and sharing God's light.   In the evening, we went to Brady's house and taught his friend Dejanna the first discussion.  Members are so important to missionary work.  Ever referral we receive is so important because it somebody's friend or co-worker, family member, being introduced to the missionaries to bring them the gospel.  You never know what a huge impact that can have on their life.

I love you.

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