Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hit The Road

September 21-27

Things I forgot to tell you about last week:  Sister Lellis and I were driving down a rode and saw a man riding a horse.  Yes, this strange form of transportation is not only found in Oklahoma but also on the mean streets of Las Vegas.  It was so random.
Also the picture from last week of us ridding our was fake.  We were so determined to finally ride and had everything ready and then realized one of the bikes had a flat tire.  So Sister Lellis said, "well we have proof and we made and effort so that is good enough!  Grab the keys, we are using the car!"  Haha.  Not to scare you because you should not be concerned at all; were are extremely careful about what kind of areas we are in, but do you remember that one day before I left for my mission and we were driving in the area around Heritage Hall and went past some "ghetto" apartments???  And my eyes go big and you could clearly read my mind....Well lets just say there are differing degrees of "ghetto" the OK version and then there is the LV type!  The people here are humble and I am happy here.
I am very excited for Lauren Pitts' mission call to Vancouver.  She will serve a wonderful mission and make and impact on so many people's eternities.  I love the picture that you sent of Bree, Lauren and I when we were young.  It amazes ,e how blessed we were to all grow up together and hold each other accountable to our standards and now be able to share our testimonies with each other.

I am not going to do a day-to-day update because a lot happened and I hope I remember all that I want to say.  Keep in mind we received transfer calls on Saturday.  You will need to keep reading to know where I am going.

First thing P-day was typical besides playing dodge ball at a trampoline place.  So much fun, it was nuts jumping and sliding around.  I'll miss doing things like this in my next area.

Sister Lellis and I decided to ride bikes everywhere this week  Unfortunately, it happened to be 100 degrees most of the days but we pushed through.  I actually loved it!  Once the weather cools down more I will force my companion to ride and not use the car.  We some some miracles on bikes.  God put people in our path at the perfect moment.

Dijana is doing so well!  I am grateful to have had this opportunity to teach her and help her come closer to Jesus Christ, even though I know I was such a small part in it.  We have all grown so close as we taught her the gospel.  I will miss her a ton!  I know the next sister who takes my place will continue the work and take good care of all our investigators.

Tuesday, we had interviews for most of the day.  It is crazy how earlier this transfer I had an emergency interview and was in tears because I thought I had failed as a trainer because I did not get along with my companion.  Look how far we have come.  Sister L and I now laugh about hating each other in the beginning.  There will be 30 new missionaries coming in our area.  I am nervous to find out what will happen to me on Saturday.  Fun fact.  The northwest mission region is the best kingdom builder and retainer in North America.  And within this region, the Nevada LV mission is number! #bestofthebest .  No JV players here only Varsity!

The bad news of the week was Elder Scott's passing.

John's family still does not know he has been baptized.  He told us that a few weeks ago he hurt his foot and they took an x-ray.  They found a tumor which is frightening because his family has a history of dying from cancerous tumors.   So Prayers for him.  He also found out that he will be going overseas in January.  I know it is all in God's timing but I pray that his family will be baptized soon.

Other random stuff:
At mid 12 week, Sister Jane tole me that she met cousin Dominick.  Also it turns out that I talk in my sleep.  Sister Lellis says I talk about streets, investigators, planning etc.  I usually only sleep talk when I am stressed but I have been doing it this entire transfer.  It has been a hard transfer but I love it.  So far it has been my favorite.
Sister Lellis asked if we could stop by Sonic and get those things that are like French Fries but better?  I have explained to her they are tater tots.  The whole way home she kept saying "tater tots, tater tots, tater tots... She told me sister if you get transferred I need to know that they are called my next companion can take me to get tater tots!

Now for the BIG NEWS....the transfer.   When sister Lellis read that she would be receiving a new companion I began to tear up because I knew I was gone.  Just as I thought I had enough on my plate,  I realized I was a missionary and you are always given more.  I will be training a new missionary AND I will be opening a new area in Bullhead City, AZ.  You may ask "where is that?"  It is a dot on the map where NV, AZ and CA borders meet along the Colorado River, near and Indian reservation.  On avg about 10 degrees hotter than LV.   I am really sad that I have to miss all the baptisms coming up, but hopefully they will be able to Skype me in so I can watch.  It is going to be an adventure opening up a new area.  I am excited to see miracles and play cowboys and Indians for at least the next 6 weeks.
Prayers will be greatly accepted.

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