Saturday, September 5, 2015

Aw Naw

Week 14
Aug 24th-30th

This week was rough.  It started with our investigator with a stripper pole in the living room dropping us...It was somewhat anticipated.
I felt popular on Pday with all the letters.  I am glad that I heard from Natalie and know she is still alive.
After emailing, Sister Lellis and I went to In and Out and an older guy came up to us and told us he was going to pay for our food.  Assuming he was a member, I asked which ward he was in and he told us he was not a member and that he was Catholic.  Can you believe it?!  A random non-member bought us lunch.  After talking to him for a while we learned that his daughter joined the church some years ago and his wife is Lutheran.  I don't know what motivated his heart to buy our meal but it was such a generous act of kindness.  My heart and stomach were full!  That evening Sister Lellis made 'brigadeiros".  It is a Brazilian comfort dessert.  "Everyone loves brigadeiros!"

It is only be in the low 100s all week!  We are continuing to find more people to share the gospel with and our investigators are staying strong.   Wednesday we had exchanges.  I was with sister Nelson.  The night before we went out, we prayed for and inspired street contact and decided to talk about family history and prayed that God would place people in our path that would accept our message.  It was so neat asking people what they want their kids and grandkids to remember them by.  While we ere talking to other people, Thought about it myself and I realized how truly wonderful missions are and how I am leaving behind a legacy for my children to follow.

Some members bought us pizza for dinner and we brought it home.  Sister Lellis heads for the refrigerator and pulls out the ketchup.  When I told her that I had never heard of anyone putting ketchup on pizza before she told me, "you have a problem"!  So I gave it a try.  It actually good...or maybe I was just hungry.  You know how I say "well this is awkward" sometimes?  Sister Lellis caught on but used it all the time and says "tis awkward" whenever something is weird or annoying.  It is hilarious.  

This week was long and hard, but time is going by quickly.  I can't believe it is already September.  Sister Lellis is hard to get used to and is a very dramatic ball of fire but I know that is just how she is and she usually chills out in a few minutes.  Even though she is stubborn, I am glad she is my companion because she is funny and has a unique perspective on the work.  This will be a fun transfer for sure.

The church is true!
I love you!
Sister Gier

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