Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Y'all

Oct 5-11th

Well, it was my first pday without any day sports.  I thought I was going to die but here I am, still alive!  We had to do our laundry at Sister Beatty's house because the washer and dryer in our apartment is not set up yet.  She was so kind to let us come over and use her home.  It rained for a couple of days which is nice because I LOVE the rain and have barely seen any since I been on my mission.  We have been trying to get organized and settled into this place.
This whole week we were blessed with some super spiritual lessons for our investigators.  And we really worked hard to find more people to teach. poor sister Kaufusi's heels were all torn up from walking so much!  We have been meeting with Scott and Dawna pretty regularly.  Dawna is an inactive member and Scott has been an investigator for years.  The last time sisters were in this area he was committed to be baptized but backed out.  However they are the nicest people ever.  And they love missionaries. We always go over and read part of the Book of Mormon and teach them.  An they always pull out the same mugs that missionaries have drank from for years and pour us cherry Kool-aid.
Since last week was general conference and this Sunday was stake conference we have not meet with the ward at all.  But the members who we have met are so sweet.
There was a family in the ward whose house burnt down and the bishop asked us if we would go visit them.  It was a large family and we asked them what they needed and what we could help them with. The first thing they asked for were scriptures!  They missed their scriptures.  We game them some Book of Mormons and a few Bibles.  The dad told us that most of the family were members except for one adopted son.  So, in the humble circumstances, we all gathered together and taught one of the most spiritual restoration lessons that I have ever been a part of.  We directed the lesson to the whole family but the non-member son was locked in and focused on every work and the spirit testified to him.  After the lesson, the father told us that it was his goal to become worthy again so he could baptize the some and some of the other children that are not 8 yet.  He told us that from his trial he is grateful that Heavenly Father gave him his wake up call so he can get his life back in order once again.  It is amazing to me how much I take for granted.  Jus think, if your house was burning to he ground and you had 2 minutes what would you take?  I know the scriptures are so vital.  They are the tangible evidence of your personal progression.  They go with you as you learn to study the teachings.  The Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are the Lord's words.  It is imperative that we study them every day, now more than ever.
The church is true.  I love you!
Sister Gier

Ran into Elder Glunt and Gonzales (we rode on the plane from the MTC to Vegas together)
Flashing the sign language "G"

 Bullhead City, AZ

 Hunter (an investigator) with Sister Kaufusi and Gier

Must be a Tongan thing....

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