Monday, June 8, 2015

On Our Way

June 15, 2015

We met a real life false prophet.  At first it seemed like he thought he was Jesus but later he told us he was a prophet of Jesus.   And he asked if we recognized who he was.   I think I will recognize Jesus when he comes.  Some of the thoughts I had while he was talking were: "Will I recognize Christ?", "what is Sis S thinking?", "is this guy on drugs?",  "how long is this guy going to talk for?" and then I wanted to add an "Amen Brotha!" at the end but I did not.
We helped a lady pack up her house.  She has a big heart but is a hoarder.  she has been trying to move for weeks but still needs more help.  At institute we discussed the difference between sin and transgression.  I challenge you to find the difference!
We tried to meet with a less active member but met with his mother and grandmother.  When said a prayer before leaving them.  Immediately at the end of the prayer, the grandma in her poor English said that the mom needs to get baptized like in the Bible.  Heck yeah Grandma!

June 8, 2015

On our first P-day, we went to the $.99 store for groceries.  Haha it is amazing what you can find! (kinda sketchy)  Every Monday, our whole zone gets together to play sports.  I guess word got around that I have hops so all of the Elders wanted me on their team when we played volleyball.  We played basketball and I made a 3-point shot and everyone thought I was so cool!  So I am holding up there Gier name here.  The we played a game that is like ultimate frisbee but with a football.  It was fun but I ran a literally a wall.  I was trying to tag someone and I guess I was running faster than I thought or the wall was closer than I thought, but I tagged them!   It hurt.  For lunch we got creative and had black bean-mango-lettuce wraps and we sautéed canned chicken with ramen noodles.  It was seriously good.
This week was insane.  Within 24 hours we taught 5 new investigators the Restoration and 4 have baptismal dates.  One of the investigators, Tyler, but we call him Team Jesus because he wore a hat that said "team Jesus" on it because "he knew the spiritual sisters were coming over".  Haha.  God has blessed greatly!  I know I could not do it without the many prayers everyone is sending my way.  I am so thankful to be doing God's work.

Sisters Gier and Sandoval at the Las Vegas Temple

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