Monday, June 1, 2015

Waking Up in Vegas

June 1, 2015
Wednesday was a super long day.  We had to wake up at 2:30 am, take a bus, then the train for our 8 am flight.  Our calling cards were not working so a nice pilot who's daughter is on a mission in the DC area let me use his phone.  Talking to you was wonderful and the first time I actually cried.  when we boarded the plane that is when things really hit me. I remembered when we flew to Mexico for vacation when I was 8. For some reason back then I was thinking of what it would be like to go on a mission (probably because not too long before a sister missionary had sang at my baptism).  I imaged myself all grown up with a Book of Mormon in hand ready to get on a plane to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The flashback hit me hard.  I have not thought about that memory for years but for some reason it was back in my head and this time it was for real!
We landed in Vegas and were treated by the Mission President.  At the mission home sister Snow made us pancakes and bacon.
My companion is sister Sandoval.  She is from Alaska and is really patient with me.  We cover the North Star YSA ward, which is basically the whole north Las Vegas stake.  Sister Sandoval has been here since January and knows the area really well.  She told me the missionaries were guessing who would get which companion and everyone guessed that she would get the girl from Oklahoma!

I saw a member from our ward who looked familiar.  When he heard my name he said, "I've heard of the Giers before are they from Vegas?"  I said, "no".  Then it clicked.  He said, "must be Oklahoma and I had dinner at your house"!   It was Elder Zerkle.  The members are awesome and feed us so much food.  I will get fat.

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