Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Brighter Than Sunshine

We randomly had District Counsel on Tuesday, and we talked about being urgent and desperate.  meaning - no need to take heed of danger and being bold.  i shared my thoughts on how the Lord is hastening his work.  What if we knew the lord was coming tomorrow?  How much ore would we work?  How much greater would we testify?  Ezk 33:16
We had a lesson with a guy named Maistro.  God has prepared him so much! He has had a rough life; his dad died when he was 10, his brother has been in jail 3 times because he is part of a gang, and Maistros's friend was shot in the head a few weeks ago and is in a coma.  He told us the world is bad and he knows it is going to end cause "only hell is this hot outside"!  He said he wanted to change his life so we committed him to baptism and he accepted.  When sister Sandoval started to explain the first visio, " I saw a pillar of light..." He turned to me and said, "that was God!"  It was very powerful.  At the end he was grateful we came to visit him or else he would have gotten in trouble on the streets.
The homes around here are insulated in styrofoam.  Since when was styrofoam part of the story of the 3 Little Pigs??
We had a service project on Friday at the Food bank.
I saw a shooting star!!
Sunday was Father's Day.  Dad, I love you and hope you received my card.
Overall a good week!

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