Monday, June 22, 2015

Get Your Shine On

June 22, 2015
Thursday was my first exchange and I was with Sister Robinson, who is from Texas.  She went to BYU for a year before coming out on her mission.  She 'hit' her year mark before coming the day of exchanges.
We had District counsel in the morning and then had lunch at In and Out.  I love this zone and district!  They feel like family to me.
Sister Robinson and I knocked on this grumpy man's door who had just woken up and was in his underwear...Awarkward!!!
Later in the day we had a lesson with a lady named Kim.  And then with a guy named Cando.  He is from the West Indies and it was rough the gift of tongues that I could understand him through his accent.  His step son came outside and realized we were missionaries, he was so excited.  It turns out he had been taught all the discussions by missionaries before but his parents had sent him to live with his grandma for a while so the missionaries had lost track of him.  Timing is everything, now he can be baptized and be an example to his family.
We visited another man who as I was shaking his hand to say goodbye to him, he looked at me and said, "your eyes"!  "They are bright!  They shine like the sun! Don't you see that?!"  I realized he could see the spirit of God in me.  It was a really powerful experience.
Being a missionary is cool.  You don't just help the people who are in your path but we help those who are trying to keep holding onto the iron rod, the word of God, as tightly as they can!
Saturday was my one month mark, 17 to go!  We are keeping really busy.  Oh, one day a lady accidentally sprayed us with her hose!  Haha, and she would not take a pass along card.
I know God places us where we need to be even if we can't always quite see the reason behind it.

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