Monday, February 8, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

Week ending February 7th


Monday was fun.  It snowed in the mountains surrounding the valley.  At ZL/STL meeting we reviewed the transfers by reading my losses.  The whole transfer the zone leaders made a list of losses, mistakes, and weird things I said or did.  They mess with me WAY too much!  But the good thing is it was the last day so they got it all out.
Tuesday was transfers.
It turns out my new companion lived in the same hall as me at BYU in the summer.  Only a few doors down!  She was in Ty's FHE group.  I knew she looked familiar but because of mission brain I could not place her.  Probably because she spent most of her time in the dorms studying ( like I should have been) while I spent my time with Gabby at the guys dorms.  What a small world.  She is awesome and super smart.  Everything she says and testifies comes straight from the Preach My Gospel manual.  It is like when someone talks by quoting lines from a movie except it is super spiritual.

We had zero appointments set up this week...The area book dis not sync until Thursday.  And when it finally did sync it had not been updated for a month.  Double transfers are rough!  But because of it we had a lot of time to find new investigators.  Normally finding investigators in a YSA ward is hard because it is a limited demographic but God blessed us as we diligently worked to find those He had prepared to receive the gospel.
Our first night we just prayed to know where to go and we turned into a gate apartment complex.  Right as we were praying it started to open and the first door we knocked on the guy was interested in learning about the gospel.
The whole week was filled with meetings like that.

Today we were so busy that we barely had time to play sports.  Next week we are going to try to see the Hover Dam.

The ward is super awesome and missionary minded.  This is the ward that sister Sandoval started her mission.  We had dinner with a member, Grace, and she served her mission in OKC.  How cool!  I have officially spent more time serving in YSA wards than family wards.  Zach's high school is across the street from the ward building...He said he has some non member friends that he is going to try to get the contact information for so hopefully I will be able to stay in the area for a while an teach them the gospel.

It is neat knowing that I am here in the Vegas area for a reason and how small the world really is.


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