Friday, February 26, 2016


Feb 15-21st

We had a trip to the Hoover Dam.  I did not think my companion would appreciate all the DAM jokes so I kept them to myself.  We took a tour of the dam as a missionary group and were able to access the tunnels and see the inside of the dam!
Tuesday we had exchanges and sister Chazen, a temple square missionary came with me.  We had a great day.  We taught plenty of lessons and had a huge lunch at Roberto's Mexican restaurant.  She is from South Africa so she has not had Mexican food.  Later we had a lesson with an investigator named Krystal.  Her family is hispanic so they fixed us tacos and there was no way to tell them no so I think I ate my weight in tacos!  e were stuffed driving home.  When we got home I realized that Sister Bedont had the key to the Boulder City...20 minutes away...but I had the key to the house!   I decided to scale the 7ft tall cinder block wall and jump down on the other side to unlock the gate all in a skirt!
Thursday morning we had interviews with the mission pres.  It was good.  I can not believe that I am one of the senior STLs in the mission and that I am HALFWAY done!  President has a lot of trust in me which is good and it is neat looking back and seeing how much I have grown.
Thursday evening we want to Church of the Vine Las Vegas.  Originally it was to talk to one of our investigators and his pastor but we ended up going to their young adult service with one of our members and e did not get the chance to talk.  If I got anything out of the trip it is this:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints truly is God's Kingdom on earth today and the fulness of the gospel and the power and authority of God has been restored to the earth.  Hopefully our investigator will see it too.
Friday I went on exchanges with sister Snadoval and it was awesome.  We are fortunate to have been able to serve around each other.  We had a good heart to heart that evening and we were both in tears. She is a great missionary and special person.  I just love her so much.
Saturday we volunteered at the Saints and Sinners half marathon.   I received some weird tan lines that day!.
I love you, the church is true!

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