Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Waiting For the Sun

Feb 22-28th

The weather has been super nice here lately, so for pday we went to the park and played in real grass! I seriously miss grass.
At FHE a member brought a freiend and she had some questions about the church and what missionaries do.  She was raised Buddhist and did not have much of a Christian background.  We were able to talk to her form a few minutes after the activity.  We taught her what baptism was since she had not even heard the term before.  I can just imagine how the girl must have felt hearing about things like having never been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ before.
Tuesday we had exchanges and I went to the Stonegate ward with Sister Thornock.  On Wednesday we had district council.  Sister Thornock was great!  I learned a lot from her and she said she hopes we can be companions again sometime which would be awesome because she is super sweet.
Friday a sister was ill in Boulder City so we took her some oatmeal, jello, applesauce and Sprite.  We are the Zone moms.
Hunter from Bullhead City was baptized.  That is the 6th person from that I taught that was baptized and I have not been able to see any of them.  Oh well, at least they are getting baptized.

Love you lots,
Sister Kaila

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