Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Way We Get By

March 14-20th

I screamed because I was so excited when you told me it was pi day!  Later that day we made pies mine was apple sister B's a berry. Just kidding but we did eat pies.  We needed it because last week was stressful.  We skipped sports and just cleaned and napped and relaxed.  I have not napped in 10 months.  Yes, 10 months ago I went to the MTC.
We had planned to visit a less active member who lived in a super gated neighborhood with security and high walls.  It looked like a resort.  We were not allowed to contact anyone on the streets but we prayed someone would approach us so that we could talk to them.  We went to the family's home and were about to start the new Easter video #hallelujah.  (if you have not seen it watch it)  Anyway, it turns out the less active member's girlfriend was there and she was a non member.  Long story short...she is a new investigator.
Tuesday, a ember took us to Taco Bell for dinner.  A lady came up to us and hesitantly asked if she could talk to us.  She told us her story of how she had been meeting with missionaries over two years ago but had stopped taking the lessons.  Now she is dating a man who is LDS and she wants to marry him and be sealed in the temple.  She wants to be baptized!  We met her at the perfect time.
On Saturday Dena was baptized.  She and I have the exact same bday!  After the baptism she came up and said, Now, I am one of you!  Later we drove to my old area and say Lance and Kalista's baptism.  There was a very strong spirit there at the baptism.
We had a transfer this week and for the first time in forever, I am keeping my companion for two transfers!   And if I stay here one more transfer I will have spent half my mission in a YSA.  Sister Lellis is in my area this transfer.
I hope you have a great Easter!!   Go to follow!
With love,
SIster Gier

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