Saturday, March 12, 2016

Something Good

Feb 29-March 6th

Last Monday, we played "gotcha" and it took me back to the good old days when we played gotcha after seminary...Hmmm, I don't miss it that much!
We also had the chance to take a NAP!  It was so nice.  I have not napped forever.
For FHE they played glow in the dark volleyball with was awful because as missionaries we can't play with members because we get too competitive..Blah, blah, blah whatever...I really wanted to play!

Tuesday, we had interviews in the morning and training.  The Zone leaders gave training on the plan of salvation and how it applies to missionary work.  Each of us taught a different part of the plan and it came together really well.  Also during interview trainings we role played the Restoration and I acted the part of investigator.  I always thought that if I met the missionaries I would not be open minded enough to accept the gospel.  But the spirit was so strong I would accept their message.  It is true!  How could a person turn away something that is so true?!  It amazes me how many no's we get and how humble the people must be to say, "yes".
Ashley Cox, Zach's sister, came out with us on a lesson.  It was with a progressing investigator who is an ideal investigator.  Ashley bore a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and it was wonderful having her with us.  It made me miss Natalie because they are about the same age.

Wednesday was long.  We had MLC from 9-3.  As I was looking around during the meeting it felt empty.  I spoke up a lot more than usual because there are a lot of new missionaries in leadership so they can be shy.  It has been awesome seeing my confidence change throughout my mission.

Thursday we ate at Panda express - the favorite missionary eating location.  Then we went on exchanges.   Sister Green was my exchange companion.  Boy, did we have a lot of time to get to know each other.  STORY OF THE WEEK....
We were street contacting and this guy with his dog that kept barking at us.  Then sister Greene stuck her hand out like she was going to pet him but the dog jumped up and bit her hand!  Then the owner said, "I would not do that!"  Gee Thanks...Luckily the dog managed to both her right finger which happened to have a ring on it so it saved her finger from being chopped off but it bent the ring.  We had to chase down a member to cut off her ring because the deformed ring was cutting off circulation to her finger.  Then the mission medical office has us go to "urgent" care to make sure she would not die!  Notice how I sarcastically said urgent care..because when it was all said and done it took 3 hours.  So we had 3 hours to talk and get to know each other.  She is really nice and we like a lot of the same stuff.
Afterwards we taught a short lesson.  I did not think the lesson was anything super special but Sister Greene said that she was on a spiritual high and almost wanted torch.  Then she said it was the first time she had felt that way on her mission.  It put things in perspective that is for sure. I am grateful that I have an obedient companion and for the opportunity I have had to see miracles all the time.

Friday we ended exchanges.  We had dinner with a lady named, Jennifer.  She is always so great about missionary work.  (like the rest of the members in the ward).  We plan to do splits with her sometime.  One of us will go with her and ride the bus around and talk to people.  I am excited.  We taught a new investigator named Arthur.  He knew we were sent from God and basically knew the whole plan of salvation.  But the best part was he knew how the gospel could help change his life.  Oh and his men at the beginning said to him, "you need to get a job, your commanded to multiply and replenish the earth but here you are talking to church people with a beer in your hand!, ...Put a shirt on!...Lord have Mercy!.   I love sassy moms!

Sunday we went to the temple with Dena.  And then she fed us a dinner after church.
Today we received a new ruby red car!  I love it.  I know I am spoiled.  This is a fluffy mission. Ithink of my friends in other parts of the world eating stage foods and then I am so grateful God sent me here...because it is the best place in the world!   We had 5 investigators come to church!
Love you lots!
Sister Gier

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