Friday, February 26, 2016


Feb 8-14th
We live in a member's casita and it is super cute and wheyey nice!.  Probably the nicest place in the mission.  My area is huge.  I cover over 4 stakes in the east part of Henderson and Boulder City.  Later today we are going to the Hoover Dam!  Whose.  The members here are great.  I was a little scared to go back to YSA because it was hard but we have been blessed!
We received a text this week from an investigator that we found our first night in this area.  He recently joined another Christian church but accepted the Book of Mormon and said he would pray about it.  The text said that we has been praying and wants to meet together with his his church...So next week there may be a story of how we converted the whole church!
We had dinner with a lady named, Grace.  She served her mission in Oklahoma.
Exchanges went well this week.  Actually it was a miracle it went so well.  I had been praying all week that they would be effective and God answered my prayers!  It was neat seeing how the sisters were able to open up a lot (even those who hate STls) I know I am here for a reason and I know God is working through me to touch the hearts of all the people.   We had zone training this week which went well.  The zone is quirky and fun.  Saturday night we "heart attacked"the sisters and put heart notes on their door and streamers all around.  It was fun and I love how special it was to them because Valentine's Day as a missionary can be boring.
Wednesday, we were at a bus stop and this guy came up to ask us if we were Christians and we explained our purpose as missionaries and told him about institute and he said he would come but then he got on the bus.  So the next morning he called and asked the time and the address!  Its a first that an investigator called us first!.
We were on our way to institute class and sister Bedont asked if we could go back to the car and get a bottle of water.  On our way a non member who lives only four houses from the institute building approached us and said he was looking for a place to worship and thought he might as well try this one since it was so close to his house.  We explained our role as missionaries to him.  We were in awe as to how we just happened to be at the right place at the right time for him.  We gave him a tour of the building and gave a lesson to him on the restoration and the plan of salvation.  I would describe him as a mad scientist.  He is a 65 year old metaphysics who has hair similar to Einstein.  Very knowledgable.  He understands the basic concepts thoroughly.  Hopefully, he will continue to come to church.
After church on Sunday we had a "Linger Longer" with baked potatoes and chilli and salads along with a sugar cookie decorating bar.  YSA activities are fun.
I love you!

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